I started on Fluoxetine, and felt great! Then I started having anxiety about my boyfriend not being happy even though he is. And just anxiety in general that I feel sick to my stomach. I did have an incident of my xanax being thrown out by accident, and the doctor didn't get me another refill so I feel this may have started my anxiety all over again. It seems like all the medicine I go on makes me feel good for a little then I go right back down. The Fluoxetine has been the best one for me yet though.

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  • How long were you taking the xanax and how often? Some of those feelings could have been from you not having your medicine.

  • I took them as needed but that ended up being either every day or every other day.

  • Hm not sure then, I'm no doctor or pharmacists. Just thought that could possibly be the culprit. Maybe just the thought of having your medicine that WILL calm you down disappear put some worry into you.

  • I think so too. It's like when something sparks my anxiety bad, it's so hard to get rid of it again.

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