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What the Dickens

What on earth is going on with this site ? Advertisements placed between a post and the reply box so that one can't refer to the post while typing. A string of posts that its practically impossible to reply to (could be coincidence or a bad day).

I have long felt that American attitudes ,research and help on mental health issues were ahead of ours in the UK, although perhaps not as easily available to all of the population. However my initial response to this changed format is to think I was wrong. I'll stick around for a week or two but not longer unless something changes.


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Hi Olderal, I'm thinking the same thing. Those are American adverts right? Has AOD gone away to become run by a company. I have no idea what is happening , but it's upsetting to me. I'm restricted again, no surprises there. AOD has become so restrictive I can hardly post. Don't tell me what I need to hear, tell me what I want to hear. Here on my side of the pond, you need money for any kind of quality health care. and then it's hit or miss. You can go to ER and they can't turn you away, doesn't help those with mental problems though. it's all about the big drug companies. People are never the priority . Pam


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