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It's only in your head

How do respond to this "it's only in your head" comment? I even hear it from my husband who loves and supports me unconditionally. How do I get these people to understand that, even though my anxiety and panic originate "in my head", the resulting symptoms are very real and frightening? Has anyone out there had success with this frustrating comment?

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Yes my wife says it all the time if I wasn't feeling this way I probably wouldn't think about it as much. The physical symptoms make me think this way not the other way around its hard to deal with.


Right?!? The pounding heart and dizziness are real symptoms. I can't make them go away by acknowledging that my mind created it. I am afraid of getting dizzy while I am out, especially with my small children in tow, and that fear is real and based on actual physical responses. I can't get friends and family to understand what go through day to day.

Best wishes for peace afraidmale!


It's horrible I know i cant stand it everyday but have no choice to deal with it. It's so hard to just go to work or to even go to my son's baseball practice. I wish it would end I wish the meds helped more I don't know. I've been in the mist of it for 8 months now feeling it everyday. The firts time I went through it only lasted probably 3 months and I was fine for 2 yrs and now this is don't understand it at all. Do you take medication or do u have techniques you use?


I applaud you for going to work and the practices! I KNOW how difficult that can be. Do you ever wonder what it must be like to not be afraid to do those simple things that people do every single day? I take lexapro daily and klonopin twice a week. I also try to walk 30 min a day and meditate at least 10 min a day. It helps but every day is a struggle. I don't have a therapist because I am terrified to do that. I am working up the courage but don't know when I will find it.


Thanks!!! I just started seeing a counselor not to long ago it helps some knowing that I can let it all out whatever is on my mind. I wish we could do techniques to help with things but that doesn't happen. It's been a roller-coaster I'm scared to death over this and seems nobody really wants to help. Where u from? I would go to counsler I know it has helped me.


I can relate. I've been stuck in my head for months. It is in our head but it takes over are bodies. I wish I didn't feel emotions the way I do.

People don't understand and don't expect for them to.

Do everything you can to keep your head away from thinking irrational thoughts.

Meditate and read self help books. See a therapist and write down your thoughts. Live one day at the time.


Seeing a counselor really helped me in the beginning. I could just talk about all that I was feeling, and knew that she, finally someone, understood. I used to send my boyfriend articles on how to deal with a family member that's depressed/anxious and videos that explain my feelings pretty well just to try to make him understand if I couldn't get the words out right. I think it's hard for people that haven't had it to understand, but try your best to explain, it will take time for them to understand

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