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So this is all relatively new to me. Most of my life I have been a very happy person. I think like most people I might have had a day or two of feeling down but it left me quickly. I have been dealing with extreme anxiety and panic attacks since September. I know the cause of it and haven't been able to do anything to calm myself. I work on the roads (interstate/highways) I have seen my fair share of terrible accidents over the last ten years. I never really let it effect me. Until the crew I was working with was involved. We had a Semi crash threw or work zone and hit two of our vehicles causing one guy to be thrown from a truck and hit by the semi. He survived. Another guy and I were in the path of the semi. I just happened to look up in time to see it coming. I pulled one guy with me before it us. I haven't had much sleep since then I have a problem with noise. I keep telling myself hey everyone survived. My buddy was seriously injured but he survived. I have panic attacks everytime we are back on the road working. I will just freeze for about a minute or two then break out of it. I can't leave this job because we have a baby on the way and any new job I get I will have at least 90 days before insurance. I have seen counselors and was just recently put on medication. So far I have noticed any difference. I was told it may take up to six weeks.. I get upset because I know why it happens but I can't stop it. Hopefully medication will help. So for the rambling I just felt the need to share. Thanks for listening

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Hi nice to meet you. What a terrible story and I really feel for you. I am not surprised you are suffering so much after this. Thank goodness you and one of your colleagues survived and you are a hero for saving his life.

I think one of the issues you will suffer from is 'Survivor's Guilt' You must be asking yourself why you survived. There is no answer to this I'm afraid. It sounds like you are suffering from PTSD which causes flashbacks. You have done exactly the right thing by seeking help and hopefully this will enable you to deal with your emotions. .

Is it possible to change to a different role in your employment, at least for the time being? Can you take some time off sick? I am not sure anyone could go back into the same situation without feeling the same way as you. Your employers should be able to understand that and be sympathetic.

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