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hi everyone new here

I am 61 yrs old and have been on Parnate since my early 20's. I had tried numerous drugs and the only one that helped me was Parnate. I am no longer seeing a Psych since he said i don't really need to.He said to stay on 20 mg (what he referred to a maintenance dose) and contacted my GP to keep subscribing it) Plus being on disability the cost is way out of my league. I was trying to wean off of parnate but have been unsuccessful. My biggest problem is driving which I really need to do. I am tired of the med and food restrictions which is why I would love to go off it. I was wondering if anyone has been on parnate this long and do they have trouble getting off it? I was down to 10 mg last week but I went back up to 20 mg after getting anxiety and afraid to drive. Does and has anyone got off parnate and started getting anxiety? Maybe its in my head i don't know. I don't want to try any other type of drugs once I get off it. Nothing ever worked for me :(

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I am wondering what you will do with your anxiety and probable/possible depression when you wean off of parnate. You've demonstrated that you need an anti-anxiety med and the depression didn't have long enough to show it's ugly head but depression and anxiety usually exist together so it's very likely you'll see it again. Since you aren't planning on taking any other meds, I wonder how you will handle getting by without the parnate?

This seems to be the common dance so many of us do...we feel fine, therefore we don't need our medicine anymore, drop the medicine and...oh no, we feel not too good, now we feel awful, and now we know that it was the medicine that allowed us to feel good and we must go back on the medicine. Darn! ...it seemed like we were past needing that stuff...

I could be wrong, but I could be right. But you have every right to check it out and see and I know the feeling of wanting to be sure that you really need your prescription. I've done the exact same thing myself so I do understand. I hope you don't suffer much in the process and you get medicine free as you want to be. Take care.

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