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Need advice

My husband is always asking what is wrong with me constantly and I just deny that anything thing is wrong with my I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression and bipolar disorder, and I'm still trying to cope with it all but I can't seem to be able to tell him everything that is wrong in fear that he won't love me anymore.. I need advice to be able to tell him how I truly feel on the inside ..

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I'm on the other end of this scenario, and when my partner told me the truth I was deeply touched by her honesty and the trust she placed in me. I hadn't felt closer for a long time. Maybe your husband will surprise you with his understanding, after all none of this is your fault. I hope that's some small comfort.


I was the same way

I have had episodes on and off my whole life so my husband is the opposite he new I assent me and took on working cleaning talking care of the kids for weeks and one day I was crying but that was norm for me dying those three weeks But I just played it all out on the table now if I have to go to the Dr or E.R or anywhere he's right with me

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