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My anxiety is getting unbearable!! I get freaked out when others give me dirty looks. I don't understand why I let others make me feel insecure. Its ridiculous!! I've never been accepted by ppl and that's probably contributing to my fears. All I can do is try and accept things the way are. Ill keep trying to fight these fears so I can leave my apt. Thanks for everyone's kindness!! Hope you all are doing great!!

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Good morning lovedogs51511

Firstly, it’s brilliant you have reached out to a community online. Everyone here is here to help and support one another through the tough times.

I am sorry to hear you are suffering with anxiety. It’s a horrible feeling and I myself have struggled in the past.

One thing I want to pick up on it where you said “it’s ridiculous!!”. You are totally right. It is. And it’s great that you already recognise that. No one is giving you dirty looks. Some people just look that way when they’re not actively looking at people to smile! Resting Bitch Face, if you will!

If you are struggling to the point of not leaving your apartment, I highly recommend seeing your GP. They are also there to help and will give you extra support and advice.

It’s sad to feel as though you have never been accepted by people. No one should feel this way, but believe me... there are plenty of people who do.

When you next leave the house, perhaps try and set yourself a small challenge. A personal accomplishment. It’s all about baby steps to recovery. How about you go and get yourself a coffee (perhaps a decaf! I can’t drink the real stuff when I’m anxious!) and make it a mission to get the person serving you to smile. Order your drink with a smile and ask them how their day is. The worst that can happen is they don’t smile back but hey, you smiled and YOU did it. You managed to leave the house and complete a task. Check box! Then onto the next. Smile at someone in the street as you walk by. You will feel better in yourself and you never know who is walking by - maybe they needed someone to smile at them that day? When I do this is makes me feel so much better inside knowing I could be helping someone just a little.

I hope you overcome your anxiety very soon. If you need anything else ever, please reach out again.

Best wishes

Mr. Help x


Thanks so much for your advice!! I'm always smiling and say hi to everyone. Ill keep trying thanks again😀😀

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your sharing this here, it's a safe place with a lot of people who are very kind and understanding, so that is acceptance by ppl....and it's a good step your taking. Not everyone is going to like us, but the reality is, they don't have to. And we are not going to like everyone in our lives either, that's also okay. The thing is to not take on board pre-conceived notions about what other people do or don't do. Sometimes there are ass*oles out there that do direct stuff our way, but mostly they don't care about us, or anyone really but themselves. I don't know if you take meds, that may help if you don't, and therapy as well can help

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I did a lot of reading this weekend - I didn’t even know I had social anxiety on top of GAD. But maybe do some reading on it. I found that I’m likely struggling so much now because of the bullying I went through as a kid :/


I would really try to get into some sort of group that has others who have suffered from bulling...that is the number one issue I think for most kids and even up to adults in schools today. I was bullied not only at home, but in school from time to time. People can be very cruel, and it's a sickness in society that destroys lives. Please get help with this, your not at fault. Take care of yourself, and know that you are in a good place here, I have always been treated very kindly by this group. At least your safe to talk about all your stuff here.

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Thanks. I do have a “bully” at work I’m dealing with. I see my Dr today and I’m just waiting on a date to start my counseling:)

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