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Hello, I am new here but trying to find some relief on my aniexty and now I feel I am also dealing with some depression. I have tried sharing my feelings with my husband but does not understand nor does he try. On top of it all I am dealing with stress of my husband and a female friend he pays attention too. I am at a point of feeling alone and nowhere to turn.

Just trying to see how others deal with there aniexty and depression and a better understanding why these feelings are triggered.

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Depression and anxiety are often present together. It's no surprise that you feel some frustration and/or depression when your husband shows no interest in understanding and caring when you try to tell him about your anxiety and/or depression. Add to that a female friend he does pay attention to and the frustration builds. Don't you just want to shake him and make him pay attention to what you're saying?

For me anxiety and depression are chemical problems in my physical makeup that need chemical correction with drugs. And I needed education on how to work with the drugs for the best outcome which has been very positive.

In addition to chemical problems there are sometimes situational problems that come and go that need to be recognized, things that are stressful events in our lives which may be another woman who's around for a few months, a very sick child, a college course, a job change for a spouse and so forth.

These have to be managed like the eventful problems they are, not the drug dependent type of problem they are not. Sometimes even counseling is called for. Anytime there's anxiety and depression, counseling is always a good choice to make for adapting to this new problem and the changes it brings to your life.

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Thank you for the advice. I will try that. I am just hoping it will work. As I do take medicine for my aniexty but not the depression.

I am new here too and dealing with anxiety and depression as well - my husband has a hard time understanding but he does try - I have two little kids so I'm trying hard to get back to my old self - I wish you luck on your journey - I try and take it one day at a time!

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Thank you. I wish you luck as well. Because I know it not dealing with aniexty or depression

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