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Glimpse Of My Anxiety

Bit of a longer read. TLDR at the end for convenience.

When my anxiety gets the best of me, I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of all the different thoughts that run through my head. It just starts going around and around like some worry bicycle. But this morning it is a little more on the down low, and I'm calm enough where I can track my thoughts. I figured I would share and see if anyone can relate.

Aside from mental illness, what is something that we all go through? Regular Illness! The common cold, flu, headaches and fevers, etc.

This morning I find myself feeling under the weather with a nasty cough and sinus issues, but coupled with anxiety. I woke up, thought I was feeling at least decent enough to go to work, and then this cough hits me out of nowhere really hard. You know, the one where it is really deep and reaches all the way down your throat. So immediately my mind starts up with, "Crap, I'm not sure if I should work today." My boss is pretty chill, so I text him saying I'm not feeling too good and he says that's fine and to keep him updated. Done deal right?

But then I start worrying about if I'm "really that sick" or not. "Your wife has gone into work feeling worse than you," "Suck it up," "Don't wuss out," etc. After I start worrying if I'm just over-reacting, then more worry comes out. "You don't want to get everyone at work sick," "But what about your paycheck? Can't get paid if you're sick!" This tug of war goes around and around for little while until I stop, take a breath, and then remember that I'm getting worked up over nothing.

Have any of you gone through this before? If so, how did you handle it? I'll be here downing some cold meds and cough drops, so feel free to share your thoughts. Hope you guys are feeling better than I am right now!

tldr; Feeling sick, worried about whether to go into work or not.

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Hi there,

Yes I've noticed this lots of times when I can actually manage to track my thoughts. I write them down if they make me too anxious. It's crazy to see all those thoughts written down. I have pages of them.

It's horrible too though when they race so fast that you can't get a grip of them. You just feel that panic.

Hope your feeling better now

X nikki


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