Understanding and getting help with my. Anxiety and depresssion

My name is Nicole I am finally trying to get help with an issuse I have. I have anxiety and depression I don't quite understand it know how to control it. It kind of runs my life,my cousin told me about support groups. I'm not sure how this works so I guess this is me reaching out to others so I can get help and get better.

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  • Nicole, your not alone! Support groups, therapists & psychologists are all good answers. You've made the first step by asking for help. I've suffered for 30 yrs with depression/anxiety, it took me the longest time to admit I needed help and couldn't handle it on my own. I'm a strong person so it was very hard to admit. Medicine was my only option but may not be for you. I had a wonderful life, great husband and kids but still something was wrong with me. Depression & anxiety are tricky little devils 👿 Even with medicine, counseling after all these years they both still rear their ugly heads at times but I have a great therapists to talk to. I still have good and bad days but since my diagnosis years ago seems like more good ones. Keep the faith, find a good therapist you like and feel comfortable with (I've gone thru many) try to start there. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers.


  • Hi Nicole!

    I've had anxiety and depression for 29 years. I've had it treated and have gone to counseling for that length of time which means I've had a fantastic healthy and well-adjusted bunch of years to work, grow and raise my kids. I had to be a supermom because my kids turned out to be super-active! I have had 3 sons with ADHD and LD (learning disabilities). What a regular kid does in a day my kids did in 2 hours. I cared for a sick neighbor and then a sick husband until their respective deaths. One son is still my dependent.

    I attribute my high functioning to good doctors and good counseling along with my own good self-monitoring and compliance with my treatment plans of my doctors and counselors. I also credit my spiritual growth as a significant source of strength and my God as a source of great blessing. I control my illness, it doesn't control me!

  • hey Nicole

    First don't feel bad (as much as possible) about it running your life. Anxiety is literally your body working against you in order to protect you. When I was first learning about what these feelings I have had my whole life were I thought I was going crazy. So first know it's totally normal to feel like it's running your life. I read up on anxiety and depression and learned what I could as my starting point. Especially with anxiety it's important to know what type (yep there are multiple types) you have because then you can understand your triggers. Me personally I have GAD(generalized anxiety disorder) as well as social phobia which can devolve to agoraphobia if I stay home too much and panic disorder. Once you understand your triggers you can begin dealing with them. I would seek out a therapist or psychologist to diagnosis you officially however reading up on it can give you a starting point. Many articles list symptoms that might sound familiar to you. Therapist would be next stop because they can provide structure help and if medication is needed that too. I was against meds but it became necessary because of panic attacks. Depression also has triggers in a different manner. I find with Depression a routine helps. The routine doesn't allow negative thought build up. Making a calm safe place at home has helped me as well.

    I hope that you continue to research and ask for help because it's out there and remember you aren't alone. Good Luck :)

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