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Hi, Well, Ive had IBSD for a very long time and never had Anxiety with it, but ever since I broke my ankle and had it operated on a few weeks later I got Anxiety, and dont know how to cope, The Dr. gave me like a valum but im afraid to take it too much that I will get addicted, so ive been taking some over the counter pills that dont seem to do too much. Im getting these terrible feelings, and maybe ready to see a shrink, I read a book and it said about visulizations and afframations, and deep breathing, and to talk to your subconsious which seems to help a little, but what works here with out becoming addicted? not to mention im an older woman on a lot of med's..This is horrible and i feel for you guys who have been living with this for years, Gosh Im hoping mine is situational and will go away, i cant live like this any more..any answers?? Thanks

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Can you cut or break the pills in half? So you get less in the 1/2 pill? That would reduce your chance of getting used to taking the drug. Or you could bite it in half if you can't cut it. There are pill cutters for this but if your pill isn't scored, it's not meant to be cut and may shatter better than cut. Pill cutters can be found at any pharmacy hanging out in the isles.

If you don't take a pill more than 2 x day and not even everyday, you probably won't get used to taking them. I hope that's how it works out for you. Taking the pills probably would help break up your anxiety enough to stop the attacks and break your body's tendency to make them a habit. If you need a round-the-clock medicine, see the doctor because there are antidepressants that can help with this and they aren't addicting. I have no idea how I got these italics on, but I didn't do it on purpose.

Write if you have anymore questions and I'll try to answer or find what you need...little as well as bigger. Take care.


Thank you for writing back, Im taking now and just started taking something i got from amazon called zenepin, so will see, the Dr. gave me only 0.5 mg of a pill called Larazepan and yes Ive broken them in half but that only worked the first time, now I need the whole thing they are so tiny it is hard to break and I have to bite them...What do you do for your Anxiety? My daughter thinks i need to get on Welburtrin, I may call the Dr. Mon for those, but then can you still take the other pills till they kick in, ive heard it takes time for those to work...I never realized how depilatating this is, ive never had anything like this before and am hoping it is situational because of my broken ankle...How long have you had this condition? by the way what is italics? Again thanks for your help..

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Anxiety can be very debilitating but also can be minor. I hope yours is situational, too. It could very well be. I have GAD-Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I had it since I was 31--29 years ago. I have to take a benzodiazepine, a mild tranquilizer just like lorazepam. But I don't need to take more and more. In fact, I've reduced mine from 4 mg per day 11 months ago to 1 mg per day today.

I cannot recommend Wellbutrin as it can cause anxiety in people who have no anxiety problem to begin with. There are a lot of other drugs to try so I'd save Wellbutrin for later. Any antidepressant will take a few weeks to work on the depression, I'm not sure about the timing for the anxiety portion. Many antidepressants are used for anxiety because they avoid the negative side effects of benzos.

Italics are when all of the letters slant to the right to put emphasis on the words as if you were speaking them a little louder in person.


Hi, do you feel now that you have reduced the benz that your anxiety is gone or at least still as well as when you were using the higher strength ? Did they take the terrible feelings away totally when you first did them? Do you recommend them? Did you ever take Welbutrin is that why you know they can make it worse? Wow I was going to call it in to my Dr. to give them for me, now not so sure, thanks..


IBSD is enough to make you anxious all by itself! I too have IBSD that I am managing with the low FODMAP diet which takes out all foods with gluten, high frutose, artificial sweetners and some natural sweetners like honey. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last year from it but at least I am not running to the bathroom every few minutes, half the time not making it there. find a diet that will help control your ibsd to some degree. that will take alot of the anxiety away. at least it did in my case. I also take care of 3 generations of ailing men in the house. Blind Dad (80) that is in CHF and has COPD too, husband of 34 years that has had 3 mental breakdowns in the past 3 years, due to CTE (Consussive Traumatic Encephalitis or something like that) the thing the football players get. He has been knocked out 3 times in his life and I think it is catching up to him cuz he has never been unhappy a day in his life. then there is my 40 year old schizophrenic son who lives at home.


Ho girl you have your hands full, I feel for you...God Bless and best of luck, I dont know how you do it, I see why you would have anxiety...thanks for replying..


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