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PTSD and work

I've never talked to anyone about this before. I've been in multiple wrecks from motorcycle wrecks to a bus crash. I've never really had any problems until the past few months. I can't hardly sleep, temper has gotten very short, constantly on edge, started drinking more to help going to sleep, I've had a few dreams about trying heroin (I don't know why heroin) to feel calm and relaxed. Not sure what to do, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello! That's a crazy dream. I are you on strong opioids/pain meds from your accident? I can tell you I take psych meds prescribed, and pain meds to help escape not prescribed. But I do like not caring or feeling. But am also scared shitless of heroin cause I know from many friends and many lives I have lost from people who only wanted to try it. It turns into a never ending cycle of chasing a horrible high that you only experience once.

Please don't loose yourself in even the thought of trying it. Good luck

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Why not go to a general practitioner and get a check-up? And mention your sleep troubles? Hopefully you'll leave with some kind of help for getting some good sleep, but I recommend you don't accept ambien because I had my father-in-law on that and he was up and talking and moving around to watch TV in the middle of the night and in the morning had no idea that he was up in the night. There are more stories like his so I can't recommend that as safe. Who knows where someone might wander with a drug like that?

The things you mention such as your temper being short and so forth are easily explainable by your lack of sleep. I think not resting adequately is the root of your problems but what is causing you to not rest at night? That appears to be a job that counseling may help with.

You might want to think about some counseling because you talk about multiple wrecks and dreams about needing to relax and be calm that make me wonder about PTSD or some similar feelings of unrest. A few counseling sessions might be a chance to see if there's any disturbance in your mind and feelings regarding those events, injuries and recoveries. Dreaming about heroin could be as simple in meaning as wanting some pain to be relieved.

I wish for you to have this resolved fairly easily and to have your life back as well. I think you can do this with a doctor and counselor's care. You can look at the website of Psychology Today to see the picture of therapists/counselors and their philosophies, education, specialties, charges, insurance accepted and more. You can also ask for recommendations from your Dr. and ask friends for their doctors' recommendations. I wish you the best of health and well-being.



Wow sorry to hear of your struggles that's a lot to deal with.

First off the dream & you wanting to try heroin to try to relax I can tell you as someone who had a school friend who got hooked on smack do not even try it not even once you may not be affected or you may be the one who gets hooked the first time out & there on your life as you know it now will seem like a cake walk compared to always chasing your next fix. I lost that friendship because that person was manipulative & lying which is quite common for addicts.

This is exactly what you need to tell a Dr in the er a crisis center etc they would much rather Rx you a sedative than have you out there doing heroin. Please find a public mental health agency in your area explain to them what you've expressed here and get some help. You don't have to live in bondage to depression, anxiety there is help, you have to want the help , but it is there.

Best to you


I really hate to hear about your wrecks, that must have been horrific! I don't sleep much at night either, I just wake up around 1230 every night..knowing I get up at 4 in the morning for work. I just lay there and think it's like my brain never stops..and the anger, oh my, i live in the south so I have a lot of land, I go and shoot my rifle to relieve anger, something about nature and the peacefulness, just me and the land, sounds stupid, but it relaxes me..what I'm getting at is try and find that inner peace, stress has a lot to do with no sleep, just keep swimming! Try to read a book or take a long hot shower, hell do both! Relax I know it's hard, but you have to find time for yourself..I've been dealing with so much stuff since I was a little girl, I've hated life for years, I cry every night in the shower just so my kids don't kids and everyone around me see me with a smile all the time! No one knows how I feel inside because I hide it for them..I hope you get thru this, but a doctor would probably help with sleep. I just don't like meds, I smoke pot when things get to bad and it calms me..that's not good advice, but that's what I do..and when you feel like your getting mad, stop what you're doing and take a deep breath!!! Tomorrow is a new day and life is what you make of it, live everyday likes it's your last or you will miss out on so much..I probably got off the subject,sorry I ramble..


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