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So miserable...why can't I pick myself up? Help please

Had a great weekend. Have a 'friend' I see every few weeks. With my low self esteem it was awesome - I felt such a confident boost. But was sad when it was over. I'll see him again, and am hoping to make plans to go see a show...I want to feel that special again... I want something to look forward to. I don't really work, have way too much time on my hands. I know we wouldn't be a couple, being 'friends' is what we are. I have gone through a lot lately emotionally and don't want to rely on him for my confidence, but knowing a specific time we'd get together would help. I know being together this past weekend was great but when am I going to feel that special/desired again?

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No you're not blunt. I appreciate your honesty. I like what you said about me giving him all the credit. I didnt think of it that way. I like that perspective. And i do need to start building my own confidence, not relying on him. Thank you


I have issues with self esteem as well. At the end of the day, self esteem isn't something someone else can give you. I'm sure you know that and I know it's not easy. My only advice is do something for yourself. Get your nails done or get a new hair style or get a massage or get your favorite foods and watch Netflix or go take a walk in a favorite place. I think these kind of things are especially important for those of us with anxiety and/or depression. Both of those things make you feel worthless and so many other things that aren't true. I hope you find something to make you feel better about yourself and makes you happy.

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Thank you. I'm realizing i cant give him all the credit, that I've got to start doing things for me and when we do get together that it's a bonus, not for it to be as much as it feels to me right now. It shouldn't make me feel bad. I had fun and i need to move onto other things that will give me confidence.


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