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Lookin for suggestions


Hi everyone just joined today. I'm looking for some suggestions to help with the anxiety I'm having. It really sucks. I'm pretty sure the last few years have finally caught up with me.. I've gotten some lorazepam seems to work better some days and not as good on others. Don't really want to use it, but it's gotten bad enough I can't take a shower because of the claustrophobic aspect of it. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. Just want to get rid of this crap!!!

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Hey Robb53,

I don't know how to get rid of it. I wish I did. I try to just tell myself to hold on and hope that in time it gets better. That really doesn't work either. I have been doing yoga. It is great while I'm doing it but the reprieve doesn't last long. I've never tried lorazepam. It is probably worth a try. Hang in there.

gogogirl in reply to ande1455

Just joined today also.

I recommend the book (or listen to it on Audible) Self-Coaching, the powerful program to beat Anxiety and depression, by Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D. I read it to help my son and found it to be very beneficial for myself, as well. Good luck.

Hi. I'm new too. If possible can you try to shower with the door open so there's air coming through. It helps me. Afterwards I just wrap myself in a towel and go straight back to my bedroom.. I try to relax as best i can before getting dressed. Good luck

Blush311 in reply to Elenatrix

Wow, I do the same thing, i thought it was just me

I just joined tonight. I also suffer with generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, situational and social anxiety. I would definitely consider talking to your doctor. Psychiatrist would be the best to see if you are not already because they are fully designated to the mental aspect of healthcare. Some generalized doctors tend to stick with medications they are more familiar with to prescribe for a basic coating for anxiety. Those medications are all classified in different categories and affect different areas of the brain and chemical receptors. I would suggest make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Some considerations would definitely be Paxil or buspar. Sometimes they will combine one of those with other medications depending on your conditions. Those two are made to help re-wire the way the brain receptors are transferring which can aid in causing changes with your anxiety. Hope this helps.

Hi, it's been 2 and a half years for me and I'm still suffering with no drugs, I just refuse to take them, i use to have that same problem in the shower, no wanting to close the curtain and things. At some point I thought I had this anxiety under control but recently it came back full blown and I'm trying to pin point how and why. You have to find ur triggers and find what makes u calm

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the breathing excercises help me. I also try to avoid caffeine as much as possible. Also lack of sleep tends to be a big factor for me as well. I have resorted to taking a benadryl to sleep on Wednesdays to help me get through the week without a terrible anxiety attack. I sure wish i knew how to fix us

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