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Did CBT or REBT work for you?

I am dealing with anxiety and depression. I just started therapy again and my therapist is having me use REBT worksheets to try to change my negative and irrational thinking patterns. Anyone else have success in treating their depression and anxiety with this form of therapy? Any suggestions on books or workbooks that would help go along with my therapy? Thanks

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I don't know what REBT is. CBT has been very helpful for me. I have a list of workbooks and videos and information that other people from this site have suggested that helped them. I haven't seen most of them and can't make any recommendations. You would have to review them yourself. If you're interested, I will post them for you.


I have not heard of REBT, but have found CBT and DBT helpful. I went to an intensive outpatient program that taught them and got materials there. There are many resources online if you search them on google or Pinterest. Best of luck!

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