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I have only been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for about three months. Once I think I am getting better, it comes back and hits me like a ton of bricks. It feels like I am gonna faint or like I am going to go insane. Once the attacks are over, I feel so exhausted that I pray to God it does not come back. I have had stress and anxiety before but I was able to handle it. I lost control of it since I tried cannabis. I have been sober for about two months now and I pray that once the THC that is in my system is completely gone I can be myself again. I just wanna love and live life the way I used to before all this started.

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I checked 2 different sites on how long THC is in your system after you quit and the estimates range from 25 days all the way out to 15 weeks, depending on how often and how frequently you used it. Possibly you could be helped temporarily with an anti-anxiety med but that can be another drug you'd need to withdraw from so think that over carefully, too. You've probably chosen the best course already. Hang in there, you're 8 weeks into your ending of THC use. I believe it's possible for you to see an improvement any day now unless you were a heavy THC user.


Did you use weed because you felt unwell? Although anxiety is a known reaction for some people, your response after two months (after which THC should be gone) indicates to me that there is some other factor at work. Low metabolism is one such factor, which says to me that you should do a comprehensive check of thyroid function.


It sounds like the time has come for you to seek help with your anxiety. In the beginning, I was "handling" mine but at some point it became more than I could handle. I'm only guessing that you used the cannabis as a way to ease your anxiety. You mention "sober" so it makes me wonder if you were taking other things. Either way, it seems like you need to seek professional help to adequately get your symptoms in control. A therapist can help you discover the how you might manage your symptoms with talking, breathing exercises, meditation. I wouldn't focus on the THC so much as the symptoms you are having and getting professional guidance in terms of handling it. Best wishes.


You know, I had my first panic attack after I smoked grass. I had smoked before but back in the 70s when pot was mild and not supercharged. The panic lasted a few months but gradually did fade. I was also taking imipramine ,an older anti depressant, and it really helped. I have not gone near pot since 1985. Its very intense now and unless you know you can handle it, I would stay away.



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