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New member- Am i depressed?

Hello everyone!

Many thoughts are going round and round in my head. I feel sad, tired, stressed, anxious and quite desperated. I feel like my life is too difficult to cope and that nobody really understands me.

After talking to a friend who is psychologist, she suggested to go and see a psychitrist as she believes that i suffer from depression. Last week, i visited the psychitrist and i was diagnosed with depression. To be honest, i was surprised that after 10 minutes talking with her came up with this diagnosis but i was ok to take the medication prescribed in order to feel better with my life.

She prescribed ZOLOFT and said that it's a very light anti-depressif and that i wouldn't have any side effects. I wasn't worried AT ALL. On the contrary, i was happy that i made that step.

The first night and for three days i had to take only 50 mg (not sure if it matters but i weight 50 kilos). I did took it once and i stopped as i felt terrible the next day. I woke up with my mouth very dry and wanted to press my teeth all the time. I didn't feel like eating and i didn't want to talk to people. I just wanted to disappear in my bed. I went to work and i was pretending that i was ok. I was feeling very tired and didn't have the strength nor the energy to talk very loud (i am a teacher). I was feeling like i had taken drugs and that the effect was gone but not completely. At home, i found it difficult to dedicate time to my kids. I just wanted to get rid of that feeling.

So, i stopped the treatment! I'm sure you will say that i didn't give it a go and that i haven't tried hard. But, i've decided to find a psychologist instead and avoid medication.

I'm not sure if i did the right thing, i haven't looked for a psychologist yet but i will do. My husband thinks that i'm depressed and he wants to take me to the psychitrist again. I've got to say that i'm lucky to have him.

Thank you so much for reading me!

I hope that we all see the bright side of life.

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I would never say you didn't try hard enough you did the best you could it sounds like you are thinking things through on your options that is great and healthy. I will say that it took 3 weeks for me to feel better on lexapro it's not a magic pill but I also use meditation and therapy so you try what works for you and the great thing is we have so many options to suit all of us good luck and try not to be hard on yourself feel better soon


I've personally found that medicine and therapy work best together, so don't give up yet! Seeking a therapist is a good idea – and if you want to continue pursuing medication, defintely talk with your psychiatrist about the side-effects you are experiencing. I wouldn't say you didn't try hard enough, I just know from experience that stopping or starting a medication before instructed can sometimes make things even worse. So yeah, don't be afraid to talk to your doctors about this, it's not unusual. Everyone's body is different, and with a little time, you can find your perfect match.


You may well need the Zoloft and it was careless of the doctor to tell you there are no side effects because there are. As a teacher you need to take some time off to get used to the Zoloft and for the side effects to wear off. The prescribing doctor probably thought that keeping you busy would help make the time fly better as you waited through the 1st few weeks for the Zoloft to start to lift your mood. I'm sorry that you had such a difficult experience.

Your husband sounds like a jewel! I do hope you will find a therapist because that is an important need of yours. Even if you do go back to a psychiatrist for medication you still need a counselor. I have a great one for my depression and anxiety but she's a LMHC, a licensed mental health counselor, which is a master's degree, not a PhD. So you have this option, too. I hope you find the best person that is the right fit for you. Take care!


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