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Please help


Okay so I have this huge zit on my back and now I believe it is cancer but it has to been proved it my mother always tell me I think the worst before it can even be told to me. I want to know if there's a name for this. Also It happens with everything if I have cramps I look up all the possible signs and the first one that fits is what I believe i have it has made me change my life so much I am just looking to know what this is called or how I can help it

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It sounds like you may have some health anxiety, you may benefit from talking about your symptoms with your doctor, in the meantime you'll find many people here who will relate to your struggle with these upsetting symptoms so try not to feel alone or isolated with your thoughts, the other thing I'd say is DONT GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS honestly, it's only going to increase your worries, you can't get a true diagnosis by doing this either, only a doctor can give you a true diagnosis, and this is often done by tests or examinations etc, so checking your symptoms online is not a true or trustworthy way of looking for answers, consider getting yourself an appointment, that would be a step in the right direction to ease your concerns too :-) xxx

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