Lost in the here and now

to whomever reads this...Ive been fighting this illness for almost 3 years. I worked so hard and have tried so many forms of medical and alternative therapies. I have experienced success many times. But I'm losing hope. Every time panic and depression hit me again I feel lost and alone. Coming to terms with this being the rest of my life? It's getting so hard to bare. I can't put words to it. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I going to lose my mind?

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  • We are in the same boat. Keep your head up. 👑

  • Absolutely relatable. I just went three months without having a panic attack and I had a very severe one tonight and I just feel like this is going to be what happens no matter how hard I fight through it or what medications I'm on I have had several forms of anxiety since KINDERGARTEN believe it or not and it's like when will it end. but I look at my life and I have been such an inspiration to people who struggle and I laugh and dance and smile and this is a just a part of who I am and I'll have days like today but I will also have days like tomorrow and days like my graduation when I felt so proud of myself. you are not lost you are exactly where you're supposed to be at this time in your life right now and it will get better you can always message me and I will be here and be a friend to you because I understand and I'm willing to make a friend who needs encouragement for something I understand.. but please have faith in me when I say this okay? You are going to make it.

  • Wow. You're such an inspiration. But mostly you are kind and generous. Your message means a lot. Especially right now. Thank you!!

  • I feel so hopeless. I'm scared of my panic and anxiety so it keeps getting worse. I'm scared. I don't want to live like this.

  • me either

  • I feel that way everyday! It is awful and debilitating. I have tried alternative therapies, too. If you get any answers, please share and I will too. Good Luck!

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