Anxiety and fear

Hi everyone

I have been depressed and suffering from anxiety for a while and I managed to work it out for few weeks and now I got worst! I'm always looking for something to worry about...I got things going in my life that I have been waiting for and now I have few weeks to accomplish them but It destroying me...I'm not in control of my thoughts and I can't take well care of my son...I'm afraid to be like this even when I achieve what I want the most at the moment.

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  • Hello.

    What would you like from all of us here on this forum?

    Would you like someone to help you along the way or just a chat?

    I hope you are well

    Just know also that your son loves you dearly no matter what

  • Are you able to talk to a doctor or counselor to help you sort things out? We are here for you too.

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