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Seeking coping skills for bipolar sister

Hello, My name is Dee. My sister has been bipolar for many years. I am 54 years old and she is 55. I am at a point where I don't want any communication with her at all. This puts a strain on the rest of the family so I am seeking coping skills for her illness instead of cutting her out of my life.

She seems to only be happy when there is discord. She has been on so many medsications that they wouldn't even be able to do a study on what is has done to her brain.

I'm just tired but this is a start and I am glad I found this website.

Thank you


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Hi Dee, I know that its tough caring for someone especially over a long time so it's not surprising you are tired. Maybe you could encourage your sister to go to some kind of therapy and maybe join a group like this. It sounds like you need to make sure you take care of yourself too and find time for relaxation. I don't know what else to suggest but just wanted to send you some words of encouragement because I know how hard it is. All the best, Jimmy


Hi Jimmy, Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I have given her some helpful websites and numbers for people to talk to but she pretty much ignores it. It definitely feels good to know that someone understands.

I will take care of myself better than I have been concerning my sister. I believe the more I learn about this disorder the better I will be able to cope.

Thank you again


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