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Do any men with AMN urinate in their beds at night sometimes?

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I have urine incontinence and I sometimes urinate in the bed. I use underpads on my bed. I am just wondering if any men with AMN who are in this forum experience the same symptoms as I do?

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Hi Artemio and welcome to the site.

Urine incontinence is, unfortunately, one of the things that can occur quite early on in the progression of the disease.

Since, at night, you are usually asleep for several hours at a time, incontinence can be a problem. However, there are a few things you can consider as potential solutions. I speak with personal experience.

First, you should think about self-catheterisation, especially at bedtimes. This will ensure that at the start of the night, your bladder is empty. Depending on your own bladder capacity, this might enable you to get through most of the night without accidental emptying. I do this and use SpeediCath, from Coloplast:

Second, I take a drug called mirabegron. This has different trade names depending on where you live. It's used as a therapy for overactive bladder. For me, it also seems to relax the bladder, so it can accommodate more urine. So this may aid you in getting through the night without accidents.

If things are still a problem, then consider using Coloplast urinary sheaths and urine bag. This is part of my solution; even at night, they work well. I also use this arrangement during the day.

I hope these suggestions help. Do get in touch if you could use more detailed help.


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COwithAMNAdministrator in reply to COwithAMN

I should have added that, if you haven't done it already, you should see a urologist. They are experts in all this.

Hi, I also had this problem along with urgency/frequency that was really affecting my day to day life. I tried various meds and none seemed to have much affect on me (although I don't think I ever tried mirabegron).

I also use intermittent self catheterization and for the last few years have had botox injections in my bladder which has pretty much solved the problems. I haven't had any issues at night since and I don't worry when I'm out and about. Self catheterization sounds worse than it is and you soon get used to it.

Hope that helps and good luck getting it sorted.


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GeoffMahyVolunteer in reply to Dave381

Hello everyone,

I agree with Chris that seeing a urologist is essential. I take mirabegron which definitely helps and is better than solifenacin which I took until about three years ago. Urgency by night and day is now easier to control. I use a Tena pad when I am travelling but have not needed a catheter.

I hope this helps.


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StevenSims in reply to Dave381

Hi Dave,

My Botox started to wear off early March, I've been taking Mirabegron for about 12 days and it definitely relaxes the bladder, the past 2 days I only urinated 5 times a day! I not worried about having the Botox redone now!

All the best


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Dave381 in reply to StevenSims

Sounds good, might end up having to give that a try as I don't think I'll be getting botox done any time soon!

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StevenSims in reply to Dave381

I recommend it! It works as good as Botox! It took 10 days to kick in though! I urinated 3.40 yesterday and 7.10 I thought when did I go? So I went then to keep the bladder flushed!

All the best


I used to have accidents fairly frequently at night. I have been taking Myrbetriq (same as mirabegron) for a few years, and it helps. It's not a perfect solution, but the difference is significant. I now wake up 1-2 times a night to pee instead of 3-5 times. That is life changing when you add up all of that extra sleep! Since I already have sleep difficulties associated with leg spasms and chronic pain, I don't need another thing waking me up. Cheers!

I was taking sanctura for my urine incontinence, but last year ,my constipation went from bad to worse. I was starting to bleed from my rectum and/or anus when I defecate. I stopped taking sanctura and my bleeding from my rectum was going away. My urine incontinence was going back bad and I urinate on my bed a bit more often after I stop taking the medication. I will look on the coloplast products and talk about them to my primary doctor and a urologist.

I self catheterise before bed time but I still suffer the occasional, random accident. I'll ask my docs about mirabegron as I've been on neditol (tolterodine) and contiflo (tamsulosin) for years with limited results.

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Travzw in reply to KeithS

I take all 3 and still have frequent accidents!

Yes, this is the one of the symptom due to disturbance of sphincter, you may use some pad for avoiding to change sheet J

Occasionally. I wear a Depends pad all the time to avoid accidents.


For the past 6 years I've been having Botox injections in my bladder but it only lasts about 6 months! This wore off early March so I thought I'd try Mirabegron! It relaxes the bladder and it works great for me! Only going 5 times a day now! It took about 10 days to work and I've been taking it for a month! This is better than Botox! The downside with Botox is you can't go naturally!

All the best

Yes!! I use a washable pad on the bed and incontinence pads during the day. I am currently taking Flomax/Tamsulosin. Am going to talk to my urologist about Myrbetriq next appointment after reading replies to you.

My husband experiences urine incontinence as well. We use bed pads as well. He has tried medications for overactive bladder but it does not work, he has not used a catheter as of yet. He was diagnosed in 2010 and walks with a cane. We haven’t found a doctor in our area that knows much about the disease process so we rely on posts from others.

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