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Spasticity/spasms and hydration

So last week I had some sort of virus. The long and the short of it was I was in bed for 48 hours, hadn't ate or drank for that long.

And I wasn't much bothered either, couldn't eat or drink, my throat was killing me. Last thing on my mind.

I lay there and I was aware of the fact that my legs weren't spasming at all. I put this down to being completely shattered/wasted/whatever.

Anyway, my wife drove me to the hospital. First up, I couldn't walk at all, not even with crutches. Ended up in a wheelchair at the hospital.

I'll get to the point now. They put me on a drip and as soon as the drip finished. One litre or whatever, as soon as it was in my body the spasms started up again. And the spasticity cranked up. My legs locked up like usual and I could lumber out of the hospital on my crutches.

So there you go, hydration.

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So sorry that you were so sick, monkeybus! Anytime I’ve had an illness or stressor that bad it’s physically messed me up bad. Not able to “perform” physically for days, gradually getting ability back.

It’s really interesting that dehydration &/or saline imbalance could affect you that way. Makes you wonder if this shouldn’t be studied seriously?

Thanks for sharing your experience ... hope you’re feeling much better!

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Indeed, I swear as well that as I got more and more better, my balance and spasticity got more worse.

Something in this. Anyone else care to go 48 hours without water to repeat this?


The imune system activation I would say is the problem originator. I am facing the same leg power downs, knees pain and gradualy coming back after flu or herpes simplex atacks.

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Something similar has happened to me 3 times in the last 7 years the last time was last September I was taking the grandkids to the zoo so I cut down on my drinking for a couple of days before as I thought this might help with my bladder and spasms on the long drive. The night before I went to bed as normal but the next morning I had no strength and could only lay there I went all day without eating and never felt hungry but I slept a lot with no spasms I always keep hydrocortisone and water at the side of the bed so I took a couple of extra pills and was able to get up the next morning still week but I got up as you say I think this is down to dehydration. The first time this happened I had not yet been diagnosed with AMN but things are falling into place now.


Yes, something definitely in this hydration/spasms/spasticity thing. Throw in constipation for good measure.


Hi guys, I've just had the dreaded Norovirus, three days with no food and water as I couldn't keep even a sip down. Managed to drink small quantities of dioralite by 36 hours for the dehydration headache. Could neither take my Lyrica, CoCodamol, Amitriptyline or Duloxetine but didn't appear to need them! No spasms at all! This all started on Friday night and it's now Tuesday. Last night I had to take pain killers and Lyrica, my legs were in spasm so much couldn't sleep. I also took a Solifenacine (Vesicare) as I didn't want to get up in the night to go to the bathroom as I was hoping for a good nights sleep. Didn't happen. This morning I realised I was back to normal as I only just made the bathroom before I lost control of my bladder. Not sure how long it's going to take me to recover, just changed three pillowcases on our bed and I'm now back in there lying down😂 Just editing this as I don’t think you have seen it, monkeybus, but thought you would be interested in the hydration aspect!



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