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Antioxidants Halt Axonal Degeneration in a Mouse Model of X-Adrenoleukodystrophy

This was dated 2011, but it is news to me

Out of desperation more than anything else I ordered some bulk antioxidant powders last year.

NAC, Vitamin C, a slew of B vitamins, Centrophenoxine, coenzyme Q10. All sorts. My reasoning was that it couldn't possibly do any more harm than mother nature had already done me. Most of my reading is on MS related remyelination. Quite a lot of scientific literature out there as well as anecdotal evidence.

Took me a while to get around to weighing out the powders, I started this week.

Then, yesterday I was on the train Googling antioxidants and I tried "antioxidants adrenomyeloneurophathy" .

No one was more surprised than me. Try these...

Antioxidants Halt Axonal Degeneration in a Mouse Model of X-Adrenoleukodystrophy


Oxidative stress underlying axonal degeneration in adrenoleukodystrophy: A paradigm for multifactorial neurodegenerative diseases?


Here is one bit I have copied/pasted.....

The antioxidants were administered for 6 months to Abcd1 null mice between 12 and 18 months of age, that is, when oxidative damage is already taking place and histological and behavioral damage are on the verge of becoming evident. The results were spectacular, as the cocktail halted the histopathological signs of axonal degeneration and the onset of locomotor deficits.

The antioxidant cocktail they are using is

1) α-tocopherol.

2) N-acetyl-cysteine.

3) α-lipoic acid.

I'm already taking N-acetyl-cysteine, I'll order the other two antioxidants today.

I believe there has been clinical trials involving actual humans as well, I'll have to dig around further.

Then again, there is an antioxidant thread on this very forum...


Results are inconclusive. But I'll stick with it. There is a school of thought that large doses of synthetic antioxidants can do more harm than good, so who to believe? As one of the articles points out, combining antioxidants results in greater efficacy, at lower doses. Anyway, I'm committed for the next year.

One thing is, I've responded well to whatever I've taken for AMN, whether that be 4-AP/MeOH, Modafinil, Armodafinil, Biotin, Sulbutiamine, Piracetam. Whatever weakens me, be that a hangover, Benzo's, Gabapentin, that, I have eliminated from my life. It makes sense to me that antioxidants are a wise choice. But, we are all different.

Already, after even just a few days I am taking less 4-AP. And 4-AP to me is non-negotiable. I need it, end of story. I've been down several dead ends, substance-wise. Gabapentin, Valium, Clonazepam, Ashwadangha. The latter did nothing, the former three made my spasticity/fatigue worse. I will know what works just by whether I am falling over/dead on my feet, etc, etc.

I'm also taking Biotin, CDP Choline and Lion's Mane mushroom for remyelination as well. Hope springs eternal.

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Hi, Monkey,

There's been human trials in Spain and France, I applied but they said I had to be a resident of France!


All the best



Thank you for sharing this info!