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MRI results

MRI results

Received the results of my tests today :

MRI, two small lesions on my occipital lobe.

Auditory Brain Stem Response, longer than usual latency.

VLCFA, high.

All this, he says is "perfectly fine, normal indicators of AMN."

Am worried about my brain though, I'll now be anxiously waiting to see if they grow, every six months.

By the way, does anyone here take Biotin.?

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Stay strong my friend...thinking of you...


I do. I am a female with AMN with thyroid issues that has caused my hair to fall out. That is what I take Biotin for but not sure it helps.


I read about an MS study using very high doses of biotin -

and that it might help with myelin regrowth.

I had a quick look on amazon but you can only buy tiny doses compared to those in the study so i didn't bother. I will ask my neurologist about it when i see him in next month and if it's possible to be prescribed the higher doses.


I'm already on the Biotin.

I went with this one...

Been frequenting a lot of MS websites lately, just to find out information about spasticity, fatigue and remyelination.

I'm already making good headway with the spasticity (4-AP-3-MEoH) and fatigue (Modafinil).

I also bought some Low Dose Naltrexone, a lot of the folks on the MS boards swear by it.

I'll give the Biotin and LDN six or so months and see if they make any difference.

Quackery? Pseudo-science? Snake oil? We'll see.


Thanks for the link. I'll give the biotin a go first and see how it goes.


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