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Nasty Fall

Had just climbed out of bed, I was on my way to the toilet, my young wife was talking to me and I started to answer.

That was mistake number one. Always concentrate on your walking.

Next thing I knew, my legs gave out and I fell. So what? I've fallen a-plenty. But this time I went straight into a door frame, my forehead caught the razor sharp edge of the frame. I've never bled so much in my life. What a way to start the day.

All I could think about was brain damage. And this was only one day after my brain MRI and my clean bill of health. What a life.

Off to hospital and seven stitches.

Mind how you go, folks. The home can be treacherous.

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So sad to hear about the result of your fall Monkey!!!! You are right "home can be treacherous" That is where I fall the most. Concentrating on each step is vital and unfortunately more draining than the actual walking!

Be well and I hope for a speedy healing of the wound and no internal damage due to the impact!!!


Cheers. The worst thing is when you know you are going down and you know there is nothing you can do about it.


Unfortunately I always try to save myself and end up making my shoulders and elbows even worse due to the jerking and sharp shocks!


Hate to hear that!! Glad it wasn’t worse. And evidently a good thing you’re hard headed 🤣. I learned the hard way not to turn my head while walking either.


Oh man! I'm glad you're alright after that!

I hate that I cannot take a walk with friends, even a leisurely walk, without stumbling and tripping along the way - all because I need to concentrate on walking and not on carrying on a conversation! When I put more focus into taking a step during conversation, my pace slows down to a crawl. I really hate that I can't enjoy company while getting a little exercise! I agree, concentrating is so draining - this is where most of my energy goes.

At home, I am now super aware of my surroundings. I try to keep a clear path between rooms. I fall enough outside.

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Ah, man, Monkey, I feel you. This hurt just to look at! But all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with art. How, it portrayed a distressed centipede with the only limbs it had left twisted plastered above your brow. But I digress....

Seriously, this is serious. It is so difficult to maneuver oneself out of bed and stand upright. Let alone to walk. Every time I have to leave my bed, I stretch my legs by lifting one at a time perpendicular and crossing each one to the other thigh and press inwards.

I hope no one thought you were abused at home or by your wife. (Cue: rimshot)

Forget about chewing gum and walking at the same time.

Take it easy and thanks for letting us know. We care and we get this.


I remember when getting scuffed shoes was my main concern, then holes in my trousers from landing on my knees, next up was a permanently achey shoulder from the impacts of going down.

Now its deep cuts and more blood than this mummies boy has ever seen. I could have blinded myself. Still, world of the blind, one-eyed man, and all that.

I pride myself on my walking as well, albeit with plenty of Modafinil and 4-ap. What's next? Dread to think.

I'm glad I paid for my all-in medical insurance way back when. Paying out like a slot machine lately. I bet that underwriter curses me.

Still, me, you, any of us. All it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration and it's curtains.

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Head wounds are the worst. I have had a couple: one Harry Potter one on my forehead after falling down the steps in a station and one at the back of my head after trying to sidestep my daughter, which turned into a pirouette and landed my head on the end of the unprotected handle of a wheelbarrow. The amount of blood in the latter was biblical but while the blood is disconcerting, weirdly the flow always seems to stop quickly.

At least your scar will be somewhat disguised by your eyebrow...



I’d have to agree to the art appreciation...actually quite a nice looking angle by the brow and suture work! Head and face injuries bleed like heck.

I’m sorry to hear of your fall and face plant though. Nothing pleasant about that and so frustrating. Maybe keep a motorcycle helmet on the nightstand by the bed?! Take care of you...we need ya!


Ouch, we have all been there I think, certainly me!! Tried to save myself this morning while changing the bag in a bin, felt myself go and pulled the towel rail of the unit!!! Saved myself though hooray!!!

When I fell against the stairs and hit my head, I’ve never seen so much blood, it was pouring down my face. It only turned out to be a small cut, but I discloated my shoulder, tearing all the tendons leaving me with permanent arm restriction. Had two black eyes the next day.

Feel for you, get well soon and take care please xx


So sorry to hear (see! Ouch!!) that stitches were needed.

Wow!! We’ve all been there judging from the responses here!! Not funny at all. Oh, I hope we can all catch a break for a bit and there be no falls.

I, personally, hate that I can’t look at my hubby and respond without hanging on for dear life. He’s used to that now! He’s picked me up too many times. And that’s no small feat!

Blessing to all of us for a fall-free week!! Thank you all for being here!!

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Oh no! Looks horrendous, such a small thing responding to someone while walking, and bang down we go. Take it easy for a few days as tieaknot says, “we need ya!”



Falls happen. No question. I was walking using a cane until Dec. 12 last year. Walking at home from one room to another my left knee gave way with a searing pain and a cracking sound. I was down on the floor like I was shot. I still can't put much weight on the knee. My new and likely permanent walking device is a walker. Chalk it up to another new challenge. We can't quit now. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


This thread has legs (unlike us lot).

Getting more replies than my drug or emerging therapy thteads.

Likely, a lot of us are carrying all manner of injuries, stuff that'll stay for life. My right shoulder, I bend it the wrong way, and it's agony. Gone on for years now. That's my landing shoulder. Every fall I've ever had, I've landed on that shoulder (apart from last week, that's when I substituted my head, MY HEAD!).

Wasn't a triage nurse that stitched me back together. Was a doctor, easily 65 years old. The old pro could have done it blindfolded, second nature to him. And he did a good job, just had a good look at myself in the mirror.

It's times like this I'm glad I live in the concrete jungle. Have my pick of doctors here. And nice work maiming myself at 8am,just before opening time.

Stitches come out on Tuesday, then I have to wear tape on it for three months to stop the UV. Minimal scar he says (he would say that, wouldn't he?)

Might get a stick for hobbling about indoors.


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