MRI/MRS Brain Scans

HI, I had scans in March and I was told the is a chemical change on one side of my brain but they were unsure what it is? I just had another scan on the 1st of Oct but on this occasion with Gadolinium enhancement and I just had the results that there is only minimal changes and no significant sign of deterioration or active disease. What a relief!

Has anyone had similar scan results?

Also has anyone with AMN been using Lorenzo's Oil?



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  • That's good news, Stephen re your scans.

    As for Lorenzo's Oil, I was on it for about 5 years in the '90s (yes, that long ago!). I did the whole thing - L. Oil, plus cooking with Glycerine Trioleate (GTO) and a zero fat diet. We now know that unfortunately L. Oil doesn't work. It may reduce VCLFA in the blood but that is insufficient to prevent the progress of the diease.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Chris, Thanks for the information, hope all is well

    Thanks again


  • Good news Steve

  • Yes it feels like a weight has been lifted!


  • Thats really good news Steve

  • Pleased to hear the good news about the scan.

    I agree with Chris Ogden about Lorenzo's oil. I have never tried it but know someone who has taken it for over 20 years with no apparent benefit. I won't name the lady here though some of you may guess whom I am referring to . I believe she has finally decided to stop but I will check.


  • Good news Steve.


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