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High Serum C. Should I be concerned?

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Hi all,

I'm new here I found this site while looking for advice on my health. I was diagnosed with CFS/ME 3 years ago but I have never been referred to a specialist or clinic for help managing my condition. I have also been diagnosed with depression, Every time I see my GP with symptoms of fatigue and pain I'm told it's because my depression isn't under control, then I'm sent away with a higher dose of anti-depressant and told that should make things easier.

I finally got a different GP to send me for a blood test and my Serum C reactive protein level has come back as abnormally high (3 times over the recommended upper limit). I accessed the results through my surgeries online portal and there is a comment from my GP saying that this is of no clinical significance and they don't need to see me. But I don't understand when the GP would request that particular test if an abnormal result is not 'significant', it's not even like it's a part of the full blood count it is a separate specifically requested test. Do I need to get a second opinion, I'm in pain and tired all the time and really starting to feel desperate this all started in 2013 and despite a diagnosis I seem to have gotten no where in 6 years.

Oh and for perspective I'm 25 so this all started when I was about 19 after a bout of glandular fever.

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Hi I think you might benefit from posting your question on the Fibromyalgia Action UK community here on HU


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