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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago after constantly going back wards & forwards to doctor complaining that I felt like my body had been kicked all around the floor, plus I was soooo tired I felt like I just wanted to sleep my life away.

I'm now on Gabapentin, I can't have Amitriptilyn as I have a pacemaker.

At the moment I'm off work as I'm having a flare up its my first big one in nearly 2 years, I ache so much & haven't the energy to do anything.

I feel really bad to have to take time off work but I just can't concentrate & can't seem to hold on to any information, not good for my job as I work in a hospital & need to be on the ball. Before I was diagnosed I even went to my GP as I thought I was getting early onset of Alzheimer's. I do question myself sometimes though as I think What's wrong with me, there are people a lot worse that me & they can still manage, I suppose it's one of the things that we can't actually see fibromyalgia so it's not there (if that makes sense ).

It's so hard to explain to other people, when I say my body aches & im really tired a lot people respond by saying "yeah I. tired as well " But I think it's such a different type of tiredness, then I start feeling bad like I'm a fraud or something.

It's so nice that I can finally talk to people who understand what I'm going through.

Thank you so much for listening to me rant on, I hope everyone is coping ok.

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Hi I have just been told I probably have fibromyalgia.I was very active before but over the last six months I haven't things get better as time passes as I am told it will.

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hi i have just only been diagnosed myself i have always been very active training upto 3 times a day the last year ive struggled bad and got worse.. i used to run do metafit circuit boxercise and now i cant run i have been swimming few times even that is hard im going to try hot yoga tonight fingers crossed i can managed that....i have been told to forget the fitness i had i will probably never get that back (im devasted) to be honest i am finding it hard to come to terms with this. xx


Hi natreem,that sounds bad.not sure if I could manage swimming as the pain is really bad in my neck and shoulders.(plus everywhere else as you know).hope the hot yoga works for you.let us know.

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my worst pain is my legs im quite lucky my back and shoulders only slightly painfull my headaches n neck pain always there but are managable at the minute so the is things i can still do.. i will lety you know im going at 6pm altho i feel very tired like going to bed haha, xx


it is nice to have people who understand even close people dont understand what it is like and your right it is a different tired i hate being called lazy it drives me insaine.. so what i havent mowed the garden ive managed to clean the house and do the tea even though im in bad pain if people cant see your illness its in your head or your not trying hard enough even though are xx


Hello, I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I assume you have already removed all sugar, sweeteners, coffee, tea and any form of processed food from your diet? Have you consulted a qualified nutritionist (I stress qualified accredited with mBANT)? They can run very extensive gut bacterial tests and food intolerances tests and work with you to create a better environment for your body to recover. It is important to keep your blood sugar level all day - ensuring that you never reach hunger point. Additionally meditation, mindfulness and breathing work is useful. Good luck! You can get better and live a good life.


I did not know to not have all this stuff only been diagnosed a week thank you for letting me know didn't realize there stuff u shudnt ingest with fibromyagia xx

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Natreem I'm like you, only been diagnosed couple of weeks but kinda known and suffered 8+ yrs. I noticed when I changed my diet I was in less pain bit it was a diet I could only follow for 1wk and wait 2wks to go back on. The following food was all you could eat- red grapefruit, salads, chicken breast, lamb, beef steak,boiled egg,tinned/fresh tomatoes, fresh fruit & dried toast. Water


Good Morning,

Although the replies may be full of very valid information and helpful to Fibromyalgia & ME/SEID sufferers alike, please can I take the opportunity to remind all members that the community forum is unable to substantiate any claims made by anyone who posts as to whether they are a qualified professional or not.

Please refer to guidelines for more information;

Many Thanks

Emma :)


My daughter lives in Australia and she sent me a message about a book called Perfect Health diet. Apparently, there are certain foods that are toxic particularly beans or legumes they call them in the book. I actually love beans.

But it is just normal food that you can eat veg, fruit, meat, fish, potatoes, butter but definitely NO SUGAR.

Anyway, I have been diagnosed 2 weeks ago with FB and have been told I am severely depressed too - no surprise after being off work for 6 months in agony, but if I can get on an even keel and feel a bit better I was going to try the new way of eating and see if it works. They specifically mention Fibromyalgia too and chronic conditions. I can't stand fiddly faddy diets so this sounds like it might suit me but I have to be in the right frame of mind, which I'm not at the moment. I ordered it from Amazon

Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat.

If anyone tries it let me know if they feel any better and I will when I start it too.


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