Strange smells

Hi everyone, I'm just wondering has anyone else suffering from FM smelt things that are not there ?

At the moment I'm smelling a smell like apples starting to rot and earlier today it was toast. The other week the smell was cigars. I've read things saying it could be a brain tumour but I have had mri scans in the past and I think it rules that option out. Another said it was a type of thing experienced by people having a type of mini stroke. I also saw a random message from someone in the u.s posted many years ago that they had heard this was common wth FM sufferers.

So basically I'm hoping the last one is the case, so if any of you have experienced the same I would be glad to hear from you. It would put my mind at rest and I could tell my husband that it's not only me that's weird !!!!

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  • Hi jax

    I would not want to comment on a medical reason, I will leave that to the professionals.

    However, what I will say is that I personally have noticed that any smell at all is much stronger, noises are much louder (the hoover hurts my ears), and I am also much more sensitive to taste. I have to to eat very mild savoury food. I also have a very sweet tooth these days xx

    I do think you should seek expert advice if you are concerned 😁

  • Hi landslider, thanks for replying.I have mentioned it both to my gp and consultant and both were quite unconcerned.this is why I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. They both said they were unaware whether it was another symptom of FM . I just thought if other FM sufferers had experienced this at least we would know. When we see our specialists-if anyone is like me we forget half the things we want to say!! I have even written down questions I want to ask but when I get in there i either get a detailed explanation about one question but then I have got into a panic when they ask if there's anything else I'd like to ask because I can see by their faces they want me out so they can see their next patient. or I have got the consultant who doesn't give a damn, and makes it obvious that FM is the waste of my time illness !!!

    Like you I am also aware of noise And I have the sweet tooth. Sorry to ramble on but I feel the more we can all share about even the little things it helps. 🌷😀🌸

  • you are not rambling on. That is the good thing about this site. We can share whatever we want and learn lots of different coping skills from each other.

    I know exactly what you mean about the consultant.

    I waited nearly 2 hours at my last Rheum appt and had taken time out of work to go. I was in his office for approx 2 minutes - and that is being generous.

    Did not tell me anything other than that I could have a cortisone injection in my shoulder. My GP had already recommended that.

    I have told my GP not to bother sending me any more - he is far more knowledgeable than they are and he actually listens to me and understands.

    Like you, I forget half the stuff - even when I write it down - I often feel embarrassed, ashamed and like I am moaning so I end up saying nothing xx

  • I know the feeling ! The last rheumy consultant I saw was about a month ago. I was in my high pain level when I saw her and I basically ended up a crying ,snotty gibbering wreck because my emotions were so high 😰 what did I get from her in reply --- yet another referral to a physiotherapist and an increase in my pain medication. All this results in is an even dryer mouth and the same sheets of exercise that I have been given at least six times in the last eight years !!!! She even admitted that in her training as a rheumatologist FM is just skated over and I most probably knew more about it then her 😱. So I feel like you 'why bother '. Unfortunately my gp is useless and just refers everything. I just live in hope !! Xx

  • Well said. Could not have put it better myself! I have mostly managed to keep my tears private but when I applied for PIP I had an assessor visit me at home. When I started talking about work I just lost it. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed but I was so overwhelmed as I was getting grief from my manager over my shifts. She was refusing to adjust them, saying I was either fit for work or I was sick. I was trying to explain that I can manage if I pace myself. Waste of time. Anyway went to my union who were in the middle of arranging a meeting with my manager's manager. I just lost in front of this complete stranger 😞. Haven't heard back from them yet but am off sick again now xx

  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I haven't had to deal with the pip assessments yet as I still get the dla until next year. I must admit I'm really worried about having to have it. When I was awarded my dla I got the lower component that was after having a home assessment and another one in the offices that deal with it . It was so stressful so I know exactly how you feel . I have deteriorated in health since then but have been scared to say anything in case they decided to cancel payment. It always seems that I'm not having a bad episode when ive had to see anyone , so I worry they think I'm putting it on. Hope you feel a bit better soon xx

  • I am always smelling things not there,lol, usually cigarette smoke, and yes toast

  • Thanks I'm finding it reassuring that it's not just me x

  • I have for some time had problems with smell, my husband enjoys a cup of coffee in the evening and is so thoughtful he drinks it in another room. I also smell burning toast when toast has not been on.

  • I also have migraines and when I have the painful sort(sometimes I have aura)- I say my nose is like that of a bloodhound! I had to get rid of bathroom rugs that had a rubber backing - normally they were ok but when I had a migraine(and spent a lot of time in the bath), the smell of the backing was overwhelming. Now- whether it is the fibro or the start of the aura migraine, I will smell things that may not be there- or may just be usually undetectable when I am in "ok" mode

  • I do not smell strange smells so much as my smelling sense is like 100x than it used to be.

  • You should see an Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor!