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About Andover Fibromyalgia & ME Community Group

Welcome to AFMCG community! :) Here you can share your experiences about living with Fibromyalgia & M.E in a non-judgemental friendly environment. AFMCG members can be from all over UK, the world however the group was initially founded for a place in Hampshire called Andover,

The philosophy of the group to treat one another with respect & understanding focusing on bringing the FMS/ME community together to provide support for one another. We aim to post relevant information or signpost members to other organisations that may give the appropriate advice. We are passionate about raising awareness & often post relevant campaigns to help spread the word including petitions. To find out more please visit www.afmcg.org.

Please can we kindly ask you adhere to the guidelines to make the community a supportive place for one & all. Any questions please contact our Volunteer Admin via the private message facility or alternatively email admin@afmcg.org

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