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I am new to group, but having read all info on nhs I believe symptoms suggest fybromyalgia how do I get a diagnosis?

My gp and physio have been treating me for a trapped nerve in my neck but I have never been convinced that this is the problem. I have been prescribed gabapentin, naproxen and dyhydracodiene m/r and also sertraline for mild depression previous to this episode starting.... previously have had amitriptylene and co-codamol. I was given a tens machine to use by the pain clinic I attended, but found this to be of no help. I have been so low and cry with the pain regularly now. Do I do to my gp and say look this is what I think is wrong or just keep going back and hope that she will eventually diagnose this herself? I don't usually do self diagnosis but I am in so much pain now I just want to know what is causing it and try to get the right treatment. Thank you for reading x

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Dear Lissie_p,

I would consider asking for a second opinion, this is what I needed to do as they first said I have a frozen shoulder. Here's some information about second opinions;


A referral to another Rheumatologist to explain your symptoms and for investigations would be the best step in my opinion. here is some information about how Fibro is diagnosed;


Including the 2010 update on the American College of Rheumatology below;


There are many illnesses with the similiar symptoms of Fibromyalgia that the Consultant will want to eliminate before a diagnosis of Fibro can be made as per the information above.

I wish you all the best and please let us know how you get on

Emma :)

AFMCG Founder & Chair


Hi Emma thank you so much for replying....I had been checking every day to see if anyone had and was feeling quite low when each time there was nothing. I saw a different gp last week and he has organised an mri scan which is on 7th March. I am really hoping that this is the start of getting some sort of definite diagnosis. I'm also nursing my partner who is receiving treatment for cancer at the moment and was hoping joining a group like this would be a way of getting some positive support for myself as obviously all our friends and family, quite rightly are focused on his illness at the moment.

Thank you so much once again for your reply and all the useful links above, I will be checking them all out shortly



Hello Lissie,

Apologies for the late reply, I've been under the weather due to these storms I think !

I'm glad you seem to be getting somewhere, it must be very difficult to think about your health and supporting your partner too. You may find contacting Carers UK or your local carers centre may help. Have you got in contact with MacMilllan as yet?


I don't know where you are in the country, but maybe you can also consider finding out if there is a local support group near you? Here's some links to Support group information;



I would also consider talking to your local carers centre about an Emergency Planning document, we personally have one because if my partner was poorly he knows I'll be looked after for 48 hours as an emergency while care an be set up if needed. It helps to stop stress of worrying if you were poorly for instance with this back up.

Please let us know how you on

Best Wishes

Emma :)

AFMCG Founder & Chair


Welcome to our group, and as we all have Fibromyalga and msny other things we are a good place to be, and if you are local we have a monthly group meeting.

Hope you get the answer's from your new gp, and I wish you both well.



Hi Lizzie, google "curing fibromyalgia", only read the positive ones that say that there is a cause and a cure. It could be a trapped nerve, it might be worth seeing a chiropractor, but also someone who understands nutrition as so many illnesses are caused by our intolerance of various foods. Do some research, you will be amazed by what you find out. Unfortunately many NHS Drs do not understand the role of nutrition because they do not cover it in depth as part of their training. Unfortunately, us the general public, do not realise how little they understand on the subject. Basically eat as close to a whole plant based diet as possible. Cut dairy and animal protein out to start and see how you get on . There are loads of very positive videos on you tube. Look for "Dr John Bergman" he seems to talk a lot of sense. He is not trying to push anything apart from good health. Goodluck.


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