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Magnesium Taurate again

Hi all - i've been taking this for a few years now. The first brand I started on was in a white tub with red writing and made in the States...cardiovascular something. I changed to Bio Care magnesium taurate after reading a post on here but I'm not sure of the dosage. I take two capsules as directed on the label and the information states - Magnesium 146.4mg and Taurine 1647mg - presumably this is what each capsule contains? Could somebody explain how much this actually is.

I feel fine and I did bring it up with the doctor at the hospital but he wasn't bothered, just smiled. He didn't tell me to stop. I also mentioned it to the anticoagulant girls and they said if it makes me happy carry on. I take it about 10pm a couple of hrs after my warfarin and a couple of hours before my Bisoprolol and Simvastatin which I take going to bed. Thank you. Patxx

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On my calculations each pill is about 1 3/4 grams then of which less than a tenth is magnesium.

If your medical team are not worried and it makes you happy then fine. There are widely differing opinions on the necessity, efficacy and wisdom of such supplements but a lot of people here seem to be in favour.


Thank you Bobd. I'm not getting very much then.

Another quick query😉 Towards the end of last year I had a lot of bloods taken and one came back needing to be done again in 3 months. The receptionist at the surgery said it was something to do with electrolytes😏. Anyway I googled of course and I think that's to do with the kidneys? I forgot all about this and have only recently had the blood test repeated and this time receptionist said the doc said result was as to be expected from this type of patient 🙄....I imagine he means an AFib patient taking a cocktail of tabs. I'm wondering is there anything that can be done to improve this? Maybe more magnesium then. I realise the best place to get info is the surgery but it is difficult getting appointments and then you have to really know how to word your queries otherwise it's just the usual oh well things do change as we get older etc etc. I can accept that but apart from AFib I think I'm reasonably healthy. Maybe all the tabs aren't good for kidneys so does that mean I'll eventually die from kidney failure🤔

Sorry to go on. You can't really justify getting appointment for 'just wondering doc' can you? They'll think I'm a nuisance. Ah well. If anyone has any thoughts/answers I'd love to hear them. Patxx


Hi, if you've just had your bloods done, then ask the surgery for a print-out of the results. You can keep this as a base-line & then when you have your next test, you can spot any changes (improvement or deterioration). I believe they are entitled to charge £10 for this - unless the file is recent & easy for them to access - if you see your GP, s/he might just print it out for you there & then. Once you have your results (especially kidneys and maybe liver also), then you can see what the normal ranges are, and whether you are within it, or close. The receptionists' comment suggests that you might have mildly impaired kidneys and possibly should be drinking at least 3 litres of water a day. But only the results will tell you that. It's not too hard to drink that amount of water - I measure out 3 litres in the morning & try to get through it during the day. Some years ago a nurse/receptionist said I should stop drinking tea because I had high protein & I thought they were talking nonsense, so ignored them: how much protein can there be in a cup of tea ??. I regret that now as, with all sorts of info available on the web, I've since found out that I should have given up tea a long time ago & changed to water. (I gave up coffee years ago.) Now I pretty much only drink water and am hoping that this will go some way to stopping my kidney function getting any worse. The only other thing to say is, that with the wealth of knowledge that you find on this board, someone will be able to help interpret your results if you want.


Hi Pat, its my experience that there are two parallel universes; in general the medics know nothing about supplements and therefore brush off any enquiries usually patronisingly and the Alternative Practitioners e.g. Naturopaths think the medics are misguided 'firefighters' dealing with the blaze and not the root cause. You need a foot in both camps to be able to take an informed decision.

Its good that you are taking Magnesium & Taurine, the latter looks quite high but could be all the better for it. My Naturopath put me on more Mg balancing it with CoQ10.

Good luck.

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Very interesting about balancing Mg and CoQ10. One thing about CoQ10 - CoQ0 has poor absorption, therefore, you should choose one that is both water and fat-soluble which is better absorbed by the body than regular CoQ10.



Good point, I have read about that before. If CoQ10, then it should be taken with a fatty meal to increase absorption. I have a full fat diet and know the CoQ10 (200mg/day) is getting there as I have 6 monthly blood tests and the last one showed I was above the usual range. Have a great day!


If you take a water and fat-soluble form of CoQ10, you don't need to take it with a fatty meal. But it sounds like this isn't an issue for you! Thank you and have a good day as well!


I was taking CoQ10 but had to drop it because it does not act well with the Verapamil rate control drug I'm taking.


Sorry, I got that wrong. I should have said rivaroxaban, the anti-coagulant.


Hi Pat

I take the same dose as you and it is the Bio care brand also. Bio Care have always been a reputable out let with good qualified advisors to hand also. Like you, my EP said this was fine. I think the advise of a "foot in both camps" if that suits, is good advise. I personally have found complimentary supplements helpful, but obviously along with the Science and excellent medical teams that the NHS has too. If you want a chat re other "things" that can be helpful to well being, please do private message me and I would happily have a chat. I think our adrenal glands do take a bit of a hammering having to deal with the cocktail of medicines AF suffered often have to stake and a little support for our bodies can't be a bad thing if professionally prescribed by again, a reputable practitioner.

With good wishes



Just an FYI on the subject of magnesium. I've been taking the magnesium taurate myself for some time. On my EP visit in late March, he recommended magnesium malate 1200, which I'd never heard of, but I've found it online and have been taking it as well. It seems beneficial, as my afib episodes are barely noticeable at this point -- no shortness of breath or tiredness -- just the usual irregular beat of the heart that I can detect only by checking my pulse.


Well thank you all so much. I'm digesting all your comments and to be honest I don't think it would be wise for me to get a print out of results because I would so easily set off worrying about something else!

I had a GP appointment about another matter just after results last year and she thought they were brilliant. 🙄 I will wait till I need to see a GP again and casually refer to the 'as expected from this type of patient' result.

I just would like to know if I can do anything that would improve my electrolytes or at least keep things as they are.

I'm sure most of us Afibbers live a healthy lifestyle because we are all very enlightened and aware of what aggravates our own AF so we'd be daft not to. My AF is all the time but i don't have any terrible sensations just if I push myself too much physically I become aware of a heavy brick feeling in my chest.

Thank you very much everybody for your kindness and wise words.Patxx


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