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Where do people buy Magnesium Taurate?


Where can I buy magnesium taurate and what dose should so take? I have been taking magnesium citrate for a week at 300mg with no results.


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eBay Paul.... It's about £4.99 delivered. Not sure what dosage as that's a call for you and your GP or EP really... Guidance on dosage will be online or on the packet.

Hi thanks for letting us know about eBay Asked in my local chemist today and they never heard of them

Wow thats cheap. Dr? Pointless. I' m trying things myself matey

Having major stress at the moment and my anxiety tablets and bisoprolol not containing these crazy amount of ectopics and af's. Thought I'd give mag a try in desperation.

Best of luck Paul 👍


A week doesn't seem long enough to allow it to even get in to your system properly

I buy the Cardiovascular research Mg Taurate from Amazon. It's not cheap mind: amazon.co.uk/Cardiovascular.... I take one tab (125mg) in the mornings.

Would you say that it had helped your AF?

I thought I'd try Mg T and after I had been taking it or about 1 year I stopped for a couple of weeks. My AF episodes and their intensity increased. When I started on it again, they return to more normal (for me) again. So for me I feel it confidently helps. I would suggest you give it a try.

I buy on line from iHerb in the USA. GREAT VARIETY AND QUALITY. Product called Drs Best Chelated Magnesium . Taking it for 10 years. If you suffer kidney problems talk to your GP first. I take 1 gram x twice daily. Also Taurine is good as well as Ribose. Use code SIX121 when you order may give u a discount. Not the cheapest but cheap can mean not the best quality with added chemicals that are not good for your health.

1- Amazon

2- 1 week is nowhere near long enough. Give it 3 months at least

Ah ok, thanks. I will keep it going. I am going to buy magnesium taurate as I have heard that is more suitable

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Dr Sanjay Gupta now also suggests magnesium citrate as taurate from a good supplier has got so expensive. I use magnesium spray on my skin daily. But interested to read about basil on here today

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I've been using Citrate for a couple of years for RLS it did the job for that, I didn't have AF at the time. Unfortunately that is something that has happened in the last couple of months

My Naturopath put me on a Mg compound that contains taurine and lots more relevant to the heart and other organs nutriadvanced.co.uk/megamag...

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It contains potassium. When I have blood tests done mine always comes back with too high potassium levels which can be dangerous. So I would ask for a blood test before taking additional potassium.

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Thanks for that reminder, I will have to check my past blood results. Too much no good but evidently low potassium is one of the AF triggers.

I buy Magnesium taurate from Finchley clinic and it works out about £6 per month which I feel is well worth it. Seems to have helped me a lot.

Well I ordered some from iherb in usa. On Amazon the same tablets were £37 and I paid £24 delivered.

Paul, I’ve just read your latest post which led me to look at this older post.

Magnesium at 300mg is not going to be enough to help ectopics and svt.

I take 800mg a day and have done for over 6 years. It is working for me.

I would not take bisoprolol as it slowed me down too much. Like you, climbing the stairs was an effort.

Those drugs work by keeping your heart rate down at all times. So when you need your heart to work harder, climbing stairs for example, it won’t, thus needing a huge effort to do simple things needing slight exertion.

There are people it doesn’t affect this way but I’m not one of them.

Have a go at the magnesium and persevere, don’t miss doses.


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