Magnesium Taurate not evaluated by the FDA


I have been reading everyone's positive posts about Magnesium Taurate and have changed over from Magnesium Citrate that I have been on for past two years.

I am PAF and have not had an episode since May 5. Long may that continue.

I now have 180 capsules of Mag Taurate from Cardiovascular Research Ltd. These have very good reviews on Amazon, but noticed on side of bottle "not evaluated by the FDA".

Has anyone else bought these? and if not which Magnesium Taurate would you recommend and where can I buy? the tabs I have are 125mg twice a day.

many thanks

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  • I think one must accept that supplements are not approved by FDA or in UK any government body. I always caution discussing any such with your medical team before taking. Yes magnesium may help AF but it has the potential like lots of things to cause harm to some people.

  • thank you. Very helpful.

  • Thank you Bob for responding to this post so quickly. Once again, you are on the ball! I would like to reitterate BobD's comment that you should always discuss taking any new medication, and also stopping any prescribed medication with your consultant or GP.

  • Thank you Rachel but I think you have misunderstood.

    I have no intention of stopping my prescribed medication (Apixoban) and was referring to Magnesium Taurate a supplement.

    I have been taking Magnesium Citrate for over 18 months which my cardiologist/enp stated he had no problems with and was looking to change to a different Magnesium.

  • I think that Rachel meant to include stopping or starting any medication or any supplements. There can be significant contradictions between different ones. Some medicines and supplements can significantly affect things like Anticoagulation. So for instance if taking warfarin some things can enhance the effect so if on the last bloody test someone's INR was say 2.8 but their next test was not for two months the INR could be elevated to say 5 which becomes dangerous.

    As a rule even if GP prescribes something new I ask is it suitable with or does it affect Bisoprolol,digoxin or warfarin. I don't rely on the notes although my own GP is well aware and last week when she prescribed a new medication for BP she got in first "I don't know how much this will affect INR". When I got home I phoned the CCG Anticoagulation Service and lead nurse said none. Job done.

  • I have added clarification in response to author's reply

  • Hi foxglove

    the reason all supplements have a note at the bottom saying "not evaluated by the fda" is that if it was not so stated it would be illegal to sell the sup0plement , because then it would be like selling a drug without fda approval. This is just politics. It does not mean the supplement is worthless. Of course, I cannot tell you to take it because it is great because I am not a doctor or your doctor, but I can tell you I take the 3 best magnesiums for afib: magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate and magnesium L-threonate. If you take any Rx. drug,m especially sotolol or similar--you should be aware of some info": The FDA only approves substances that have undergone years of very expensive large double bliind studies. Some studies can cost $100,000,000. really. And the pharmaceutical company plans to recoup these costs by selling the drug for a large amount of money that is paid by an insurance company. Supplements do not cost as much as drugs, so the testing company would not make back the money spent on the tests. The National Institues of Health Alternative Medicine dept., and various independent scientist and universities all over the world do tests on supplements, as is evidenced by the plethora of scientific studies regarding supplemtns. You can a ccess these from articles, and from sources on web site such as and thescience, also the Linus Pauling Institute at the University of Oregon in teh USA has excellent websites and blogs-their goal is to promote healthy longevity and prevent disease through diet, micronutrients, and supplements.

    Sotalol DEPLETES your body of magnesium, zinc, most macro and trace minerals vitamin A,E, C etc. also Co Q 10.

    You need all these items for your body to work normally and to be alive--since magnesium is crucial for the production of ATP (energy) by the mitochondira in every cell in your body. This does not mean energy like you are running a race--it means energy for your heart to beat, ti your lungs to breath etc - to exist--no magnesium=no atp= no life. SO take the magnesium 3 hours before you take the sotalol-otherwise they attach to one another and neither one works.

    My husband does not have afib, but has hypertension for which he take a low dose ace inhibitor, and had previously some ventricular brief tachicardia--so he take 2 magnesium-L_threonate in the morning; 2 magnesium glycinates midday and 2 magnesium taurates in the PM (or maybe he takes a glycinate and taurate twice together)--- anyway the benefit of the magnesium L-threonate is thqt it passes the blood brain barrier and enters the mitochondria of the brain--part of the brain (hypothalamus) that controls all involuntary functons, regulates your heart rate.--but the magnesium L-threonate is somewhat energizing and the others are more relaxing whichis why we both take the threonate in the morning.

    I have afib had anablation and take 1 magnesium L-threonate with breakfat (source naturals brand); Target Mins 1 tab from country life (250 mg 5 kinds of magnesium, 250mg 5 kinds of calciums, 125 mg 4 kinds of phosphorus, and 49 1/2 2 kinds of potaaium--the different kinds are different chelates) pluis 120 mg of magnesium glycinate; in the mid after noon I take another glycinate and at bedtime I take 1 taurate. All these minerals are 3 hours separate form the sotalol I tqake twice a day at 8 am and 8 pm. It gets a bit complex--liek I have to write down all the supplements and meds--however I am currently in very good health and physically fit due to the ablation by the EP--his advice about nutrition and supplements and plus all of this micro mangement by me.

    This particular protocol just happens to work very well for me--the diet gets a bit much as in the last time I visited some relatives I actually brought the things I can eat--when we had dinner which I helped prepare--everything was put out and no one else there knew I had prepared special food related to a medical condition, but it was really no big deal.

  • Hi Foxglove, yes I ran my supplements passed my GP, cardio and EP first but you may well just get a shrug of the shoulders and a 'well it's up to you, I can't comment' as most medics don't have the training - so frustrating and of little value, but still do it. What I think is important with supplements is that you seek out an experienced Alternative Practitioner, follow his guidelines including which brands to buy.

    My AP put me on Nutri Ultra MegaMag which is principally Mg but also has Taurine, Arginine and other stuff for the heart. The problem with a compound is you don't know what's good and what's not needed but I have been taking it for 2 years and have had improvements including no AF; but I do take CoQ10 with it (they were recommended together) and have done a host of other lifestyle changes. Good luck.

  • @orchardworker Hi Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have to become our own scientists/investigators/doctors to research (by reading books, magazines, studies )written by people much smarter , or at least more enlightened than we are., about nutritional needs, in order to get the info about exactly what we need to take and how much--then there is the genetic polymorphism (tendency) influence, and the interaction with rx.'s etc. etc. Too bad you cannot get a salary for all this work. But the reward is your good health, once you get everything sorted out.

  • I am observing this discussion. Thank you all for these inputs. Magnesium taurate is not available in South Africa, where I live', so its not something I can just experiment with. Nor do I intend taking it without discussing it with my EP first.

    I understand that it has an impact because it 'gets' your body to absorb a huge dose of magnesium, which you can't achieve eating 4kg of black beans a day as your body will flush out the beans with their magnesium.

    I understand that the taurate may conflict with other meds, but putting that aside can it be bad for your body to absorb that much magnesium (2x mg taurate doses/day)? To me thats the critical question.

    I won't pretend to even know where to start answering that question.

  • first as to avaiability @ jonathan _C e mail various companies that market Cardiovascular Research brand of magnesium taurate and ask customer service if they ship to your country. This includes companies such as; there are others. You can do a computer search fro cardiovascular reaerch (brand)-magnesium taurate ( this is just a synergistic combo of magnesium a nd taurine).;;;;; You give up too easily. If you want to solve the afib problem be more tenacious.

  • If you live in South Africa and having to bring products in that are not available in the country, it is not that straight forward. Many parcels go 'missing' and the alternative routes are expensive.

  • @Annaelizabeth--what about having parcels delivered let's say from iherb-which ships internationally from the usa--have it sent global ups 2 day air, and get it insured for the price of the supplements and shipping, and require that you receive it in person and sign for it.

    If it is on a UPS plane and then a ups truck the package is not hanging around in too many different places. Is customs clearance for such parcels a problem in South Africa--do the customs inspectors steal the packages? or do people have to bribe themn to get their packages??

    I used to buy diovan (blood pressure arb) from Canada before it became generic because I could get 84 pills for $80, instead of $560. However, the warehouse of the canadian company was in the UK, and the package went to

    Cannes France, then to Hamburg Germany-where customs inspected it and from there to my home in the USA. The stamps on thepackage looked like it had a European vacation--but it was legitimate and I got it.

  • This particular magnesium taurate is 125 mg twice a day -- really not a high dose.

  • When I was diagnosed 8 mo ago with PAF, I started taking magnesium taurate as it was highly recommended by a facebook a fib forum and my docs werent opposed. A few mo later I started seeing an integrative medicine doc who ran alot of labs " Boston Heart " labs which included taurine levels and mine was very elevated so they took me off the taurate. They still recomment a mag supplement but prefer a chelate or glycinate form. Interesting note, my EP isnt opposed to supplements but doesnt recommend them as they arent regulated so you dont know if their contents are what they advertise. EP pushes good nutrition.

  • I've been taking this supplement for more than a year (with my EP's knowledge) and feel that it has calmed the heart considerably. While I still have bouts of afib, I don't have the erratic heartbeat rhythm in afib -- just a faster heart rate (95-110 -- not too shabby in my opinion).

  • thank you everyone for your responses. very interesting.

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