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This may have been mentioned before but I am unaware of it. I saw the following info on the Thyroid UK community site here on HealthUnlocked.

"Now experiencing atrial fibrillation after being 16 months without problems. I'm a cardio patient, had Amiodarone-induced hypothyroidism but was taken off that drug a year ago. My TSH went first one way and then the other and levothyroxine was reduced to 75 mg 5 months ago. Had a blood test yesterday and awaiting result but has anyone experienced problems when coming off Amiodarone?"

Yes, amiodarone can definitely affect your thyroid function, see

Your GP should be testing your thyroid function at least every 6 months.

Make sure he asks for all of these tests.

Another comment:

"I had both Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter before I was diagnosed with Constrictive Pericarditis.

My Cardiologist treated the two disorders separately although I am almost sure the heart condition which was very serious caused the AF. I was put on Amiodarone as nothing else kept my heart rate down.

Then in between times I had three cardio versions and three ablations but was told that these would only help the flutter. The third ablation seemed to do the trick but having a Pericardectomy definately stopped the AF.

I was then taken off the Amiodarone as I no longer needed it.

I did carry on having Atrial Flutter afterwards and then about 18 months after my surgery I developed Graves disease, the Atrial Flutter only stopping when I was put on Carbimazole. I can only put developing Graves down to being on Amiodarone, even though the Endo's disagree. No one in my family that I know of, has any kind of thyroid problem and even if I was borderline before (without knowing it) it could only have been the stress of open heart surgery and/or Amiodarone treatment seeing as it contains a very high amount of iodine."

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I developed Hyper-Thyroidism after being on Amiodarone for 18 months. However, it was after being off the drug for 3 months that my symptoms developed. I was prescribed 40MG of Carbimazole (To be taken 20MG twice daily). I'm now down to 30MG and due another blood test, so hopefully it will be decreased again. I lost 22 pounds in weight, my AF episodes increased and I generally felt rubbish. I had a scan and thankfully I didn't have any real damage to my thyroid. I've been advised that I may go Hypo, so will have to be monitored for a good while. Like you EngMac the Amiodarone worked a treat and kept my episodes at bay, but Flecainide isn't working as well and I'm on the list for an ablation.

I posted a while ago on the Thyroid forum and had a couple of responses from people who had similar issues. Some not as lucky as me, which hit home how potent Amiodarone is.

I hope things go well with both your AF and Thyroid problems.




I had a very poor experience of Amiodarone. Avoid it like the plague; but if your cardio insists it's the only suitable drug ensure you have regular checks for ALL side effects. This 'poison' soaks every cell in your body.


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