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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Third Jevtana/Carboplatin treatment completed. Total of 10 chemo treatments are now completed overall. Hoping for better results.

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PSA increase as seen above. My oncologist's response was "This may be the roller coaster that your PSA is following We will continue to monitor the levels and symptoms" Seems to me the best part of the old wooden coaster was cresting the top of the climb and plunging to the bottom. Hopefully, my next bloodwork will show the crest of the climb has been achieved.

My oncologist indicates Other options including Provenge, xofigo , mitoxantrone, clinical trials.

I'm adding the possibility of Lu-177 to the mix.

We're all in this together! Keep Going!

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Wow, I hope you are feeling better than that PSA number might indicate!

Thank you! I'm a bit confused at this point which is causing the more immediate discomfort/issues. Side effects from meds and treatment most likely. The thing that is most troubling is the fatigue factor from meds. I'm blessed to have Mrs. Rainier of 51 years to keep me mobile and full of hope. Keep Going!

Sorry your not seeing a more steady drop. I just had my third Jevtana on Wednesday, and getting small steps down. I'm putting my hopes in a CAR-T trial, but doing chemotherapy while I wait for it to start. Tough putting up with chemotherapy side effects for small gains.

Eh, here's my PSA Chart to help you relax a bit. I'm just about 4 years in on my diagnosis, advanced metastatic neuroendocrine. 8 courses of docetaxel, then starting in August '21 10 courses of Jetvana/Carboplatin plus immunos in the Duke CHAMP trial. Yes, it's a PSA roller coaster, but the proof is in the scan results. My met on my liver barely exists anymore, and only a little progression on my shoulder blade. More scans this week to see the progress as PSA is only a clue, not the true progression. Cheers - Herbie

PSA Chart

Yes Indeed, scans are in my near future as well. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep Going!

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