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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New from the UK

My husband was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in December 2017 with a psa of 2100 its now January 2019 with a psa 0.13. He receives degarelix injection every 4 weeks and is also having zometa every 4 weeks to strengthen bones, he takes zormorph 60mg twice a day, amitriptyline, and liquid morphine when needed. He received 6 rounds of chemotherapy back in January 2018. I joined this group to see if there is anything I can do more to help, as I am now his full time carer

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Hard to reply without knowing a little more about your husband’s condition e.g. how extensive are bone mets, Gleason score etc. However, to go from a PSA of 2100 to 0.13 shows a remarkable response. You might want to talk to your doctor about swapping Zometa for Prolia aka Xgeva (denosumab). You don’t have to check kidney function quite so frequently and it too provides bone strength.


Psa 2100 12/12/2017

Gleason score 9

Lymph nodes 19mm and 24mm

15/01/2018 started 6 rounds of docetaxel ended 30/04/2018

26/02/2018 psa 27

19/03/2018 psa 2.2

30/04/2018 pss 1.2

Lymph node size after chemotherapy

12mm and 11mm

26/07/2018 psa 0.27

13/12/2018 psa 0.13

On d3 from 01/08/2018

Started zometa on 24/09/2018 which is ongoing

He has a fractured pelvis which was picked up after the chemotherapy.

He has a lot pain in the right foot and leg due to a trapped nerve, which was diagnosed at the beginning and is still ongoing


Very very nice response--stay the course--your Doctors seem to know what they are doing.

He is within 0.03 PSA further reduction to join the undetectable group of those that are such. That being <0.1 Hope you get there.



Thank you


The recommendation given for Celebrex, may get that extra PSA to get below, 0.1.



Thank you, we go back to see the oncologist next month for his 3 month review. Will ask the about taking the celebrex. Thank you so much for help, my husband has his zometa and hormone injections tomorrow, will also mention this to his macmillian nurse who can add this to his notes


He can take celebrex with his zometa. Discuss this with his oncologist:


Which of the following approved medicines has he tried? Xofigo, Provenge, Zytiga, Xtandi. There are many more in clinical trials.

One or two zaps of radiation may provide some relief for the more painful bone mets.


My husband is having degarelix hormone injections every four weeks, zometa for bone strengthing,

Zormorph 60mg twice a day

Ametriplyne once a day

D3 calcium

Oramorph every two hours or when needed for pain

He's had one session of radiotherapy for pain

We see his oncologist in March and need to discuss if there is anything else to help with the back, leg and foot pain he is having, radiotherapy helped a bit but then it slowly came back.


Greeting Sailfish, your ID makes sense cause you're from across the pond.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 02/02/2019 1:17 AM EST


Thank you


Good morning from across the pond.

Thank you for asking these good questions to ensure your dear husband receives the very best of care and treatments.

I think that in Germany the treatments for prostate cancer are possibly more advanced than in the USA and elsewhere in the world.

I am basing this on the Lu 177 was being given in Germany way before anywhere else and they are just in trials in the USA.

Have you investigated options in Germany for your husband?

Perhaps Tall Allen can help with this question.

Best wishes to you and your dear husband. Mike


Thank you for your reply, my husband hasn't really looked into anything as all treatment except for the back and leg pain (due to a trapped nerve) seems to be working, from diagnosis 12/12/2017 to date, i will mention this to him as we see his oncologist in March.


Hi Sailfish

If you don't mind me asking, which hospital is he with in the UK?

so glad that treatments are working. Long may it continue.

Warm wishes, Mike


Castle Hill hospital but they have a dedicated part of the hospital called the queen's Centre that is solely there for the treatment of cancer patients


so glad that he has the best of treatments.

All credit to you for taking such good care of your dear husband.

Warm wishes


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