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Hi my name is LARRY —this is my first time on this site

I’m a 68-year-old — that got diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer about 3 1/2 months ago

I was diagnosed with stage (4) — with 5+4 = Gleason score 9

I have 3 spots in the bones—(2 in the spine and 1 in the thigh)

And lymph nodes involvement in the front - they also thought my bladder might be involved - still not sure about that

The urologist immediately put me on Lupron shots One shot every six months

Then almost immediately I saw medical oncologist

And he started me on chemo — -(Docetaxel) for a total of six treatments three weeks apart — I have taken three treatments

At diagnosis my PSA was 28

After the first month my PSA came down to .88 after the second Month. came down to .48 after the third month Came down to .23

My question is— since it came down so much in three months— Does that really mean anything ??

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It does. The lower the better and the better the long term outlook. With only three Mets your have what’s called ogliometastisis. Some think it’s potentially curable. Order dr Scholz book called “The key to Prostate Cancer”. There a chapter on that exact subject. I had three need and he put me on the same as you but added zytega. Ask your dr about zytega. Proven to extend life longer than together with Lupton than lupron alone. I also had my three spots radiated. Hit it early with everything while it’s beatable. Key with Lupron is to lift weights hard three days a week. Really hard to exhaustion on all muscle groups. I feel great doing that on advise of my oncologist. No bad side affects.


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Larryfanman in reply to Schwah

Thank you

I have been so depressed —- and I’m sure everyone on this site has been -especially when they first are diagnosed with cancer

I know very little about this – – and I have just been following the doctor‘s orders — basically all the doctor told me was that I had metastatic prostate cancer stage 4 no cure

I do thank you VERY VERY much for responding to me —- I thought by the PSA numbers going that low that fast – was probably good- I just didn’t know what it meant

Hitting the gym should help with depression. Good luck.

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Larryfanman in reply to Schwah

Since I have three bone mets and probably three lymph nodes involved, with a Gleason of 9, do you still think this could possibly be OLIGOMETASTASIC?

By the way, I ordered the book you mentioned today. Thanks for suggesting it.

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WayneSC in reply to Schwah

Totally agree with gym work being a huge benefit. Have a physical therapist design a workout for you. Thankfully my physical therapist also offers a gym membership.

"My question is— since it came down so much in three months— Does that really mean anything ??"

It means you are responding very well to your initial treatment of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) with Lupron + added Early Chemo with Docetaxel. That combination is being used now instead of just Lupron by itself, per the results a few years ago from Clinical Trials(s) that showed the combination was better for eventual Overall Survival in advanced prostate cancer.

High Fives!!

Keep us posted on how you are doing on Docetaxel, and also on any questions/concerns you may have about how you are adjusting to taking Lupron and living with low Testosterone. Still being only 3 1/2 months since getting your metastatic diagnosis, don't be surprised to be feeling all kinds of emotions. Share/vent here all you want or need.


(First diagnosed very metastatic 4 1/2 years ago with a scan that lighted up like a Christmas Tree.)

I do THANK YOU for replying to me – – I am so new at this— & so sad -

Hi Larry,

I am 54 and was just diagnosed also, On May 8th, 2018, Stage 4 with metastasis to bone and bladder. The depression was horrible and all-consuming for about 7 days. But thanks to THIS group I have passed the depression and started taking action. It is an invaluable resource.

Stay here, talk to us...share... Know that we are a band of brothers that pray for each other daily.

Larry, you are getting state of the art treatment. The zytiga cannot start until the chemo is finished. Then talk to yout

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Shooter1 in reply to Canoehead

Not completely right. Between cycles 4&5 of doxetaxel PSA stopped dropping and actually rose a bit, added Xtandi and observed 25% drop in PSA with blood test before #6. Just have to have an oncologist not tied into a strict protocol. Just keep on top of things and as long as PSA keeps dropping things should be fine.


Sorry about that

... then talk to your oncologist about radiation. If you are truly Oligometastasis, a cure is a long shot possibility. A durable, long term remission is, however, very realistic,

Get that PSA to undetectable.

How about you are doing great so far---keep up with scans to watch the Bones and Nodes.


Hey Larry.....thoughts out to you mate. Gods peace to you and always look up. Cheers

I'm in the same boat, Diagnosed 6 months ago. Getting Lupron shot every three months plus zytiga and prednisone. Psa was over 800, now down to 1. Staying very active. My spots were in my bones, lymph nodes and other places. Also getting a monthly infusion for my bones and taking "Oscal" which is calcium and D3 for the bones also. No radiation treatments just a monthly visit for the infusion and a B-12 shot. My hemoglobin was in the Sixes and should be in the thirteens. I'm in the twelves now which means my bones are producing blood again. All of this was a Christmas surprise as I had no clue that I was ill. Feeling great now and you'll get better too. By the way, I'm 66 years old.

Sorry about your diagnosis

for the last 3 1/2 months —I haven’t been able to think about anything else — I guess you think this will never happen to you- I just find myself crying over nothing — i’ve been really tired from the chemo Plus I have a couple other health problems that has not helped

Who would’ve ever thought we would be in this mess —🙁

I'm sorry about your diagnosis too. We have to tuff it up I guess. I think of others, children, soldiers and people with terrible conditions that they have to live with every day. I was blessed to have 65 years of relatively good health and enjoyed my life. Not going to stop now. I hate to say, but I look at it this way, we all got to go sometime and I hope I don't for just another year or two. Many have not lived to be our age. Anyway, we need to just try to enjoy each day and do what you want to do. Have some fun

Hi Larry welcome to the club we never asked to join but got excepted anyway. I've said that to all the new Brothers in arms. I have almost the same diognoses and my Doctors started me on Eligard that's the sis month shot you're referring to, Zytiga,and Xgeva shot once a month for the bone mets you may want to ask about that too it helps. I never got chemo yet I was started on Zytiga and shots first. My first visit PSA was 14.7 after one month 0.1 almost undetecable. I feel great and my Brothers here are so helpful and supporting. My advice to you my friend is never give up never surrender live your life to the fullest do whatever you want and keep a positive attitude cancer hates that. I will add you to my prayers list. Leo

Welcome to the group of fellow warriors. It is not uncommon to get an excellent initial response to the first therapies, and you hit it hard with chemo + hormone therapy.

When fighting a big problem, it is easy to forget general health issues like heart and bone health. Watch your bone density and look at taking Vit D for good bone health. Follow good advice for a healthy heart. Put a cardiologist on your team for heart health, and an endocrinologist for bone health.


treatment of oligomets with radiation has apparently worked for me. If you read my profile you’ll see I’ve treated lymph nodes and femur. Some guys get long term durable remission by treating mets when they’re large enough to be imaged.

If you’re really depressed I suggest you get treated for it. You need a positive attitude to fight cancer and depression kills your attitude.

Good luck!


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