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New to the group... need ideas

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Diagnosed with stage 4 PC about 3 years ago. Bone mets and one lymph node. PSA 81 Gleason 7. Began Lupron/Xgeva treatment. After a year, Mets undetectable and PSA ~2. Added Casodex and PSA quickly dropped to .05. At 2 years PSA started doubling every 3 months. Also developed ONJ due to prolonged Xgeva use. Root canal gave some pain relief, but chewing impossible. Stopped Xgeva about 6 months ago and jaw started to heal. PSA continued to double and switched from Casodex to Xtandi. Almost immediately ONJ returned as well as persistent headaches. Along the way had open heart surgery for valve replacement (~1 year ago). I have no energy and have to take two antidepressants. While PSA has been doubling, it is still low (last test was 0.50). Would appreciate any suggestions.

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Sorry to hear about your struggles...Hang tough...what antidepressants are you on, if you don't mind my asking? They are looking into using drugs like metformin and valproic acid in this fight, and I always wonder if some medication for some other use does not have anticancer properties as well. Check the NCI match trial--you will get gene mapping and a medication targeted for your cancer's genetic expression. Look at locations and see if you qualify......See below:

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Taking Zoloft and Venlafaxine. Was taking Zoloft 100 mg/day, but that wasn’t enough.... Have not had PSA tested since replacing Casodex with Xtandi, but will see in a couple weeks. The ONJ is disturbing. I thought it was just about gone, but apparently switching to Xtandi brought it back....

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Venlafaxine tends to give people more energy....take it you are taking that in am and Zoloft at night...Good luck and keep fighting...

If bone scan/CT confirms that Xtandi is no longer working, you should consider docetaxel next. Xofigo may be a good choice too. Provenge would be good to start along with either of those. Then try Zytiga.

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