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Erleuda + Lupron + Xgeva


Hello Gents,

Thought I would share my experience on these meds.

Briefly: Age 59, Gleason 7, Stage IV, diagnosed 2005, not encapsulated

Treatment: Lupron 2 years, brachytherapy, 36 radiation

As PSA would increase back on Lupron for a year.

While on Casodex/Lupron PSA continued to rise. No mets. PSA almost quintupled to 13.4 in 6 months.

Started this holy trinity on my birthday, 18 January. After 2.5 weeks my PSA was 4.4. After 6 weeks, my PSA is now 2.8! Freakin amazing.

Side effects:

Lupron (I believe this is my 5th round): depression, fatigue, hot flashes and then I get cold.

Erleada/apalutamide: fatigue, it has decreased my need to urinate as much!

Xgeva: joint pain, nausea, headaches

Compared to the results, the side effects are a small price to pay.

Good health.


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Get some venlafaxine, bro. Night & day...


MJCA in reply to Crabcrushe

LOL. I’m already on 2 meds. Besides the cancer there’s just a lot of other shit going on in my life. Thanks. I am speaking to someone weekly as well. I am finally attending a monthly support group.

Crabcrushe in reply to MJCA

Ok, but soon after I started, the severity of the hot flashes went away.

Crabcrusher .

MJCA in reply to Crabcrushe

Mine aren’t that bad this time around.

Congrats. No Mets sounds good to me. Know about the monster and lupron and Xgeva. Monthly shots for me plus Xtandi. 30 months and counting.

MJCA in reply to larry_dammit

What is your status?

larry_dammit in reply to MJCA

Well. Stabil I guess. Doctor is happy and says I am doing good. I feel pretty good except for rib pain which comes on when I try to lift to much. 5 gallons of Gas 😡😡. Not used to havin* restrictions on what I can do. Doctor says I will never be in remission as the cancer won’t go away. Is that what you were asking 😀

MJCA in reply to larry_dammit

Dammit Larry - no. 😉 Yes, part of it. Where do you live? How old are you?

larry_dammit in reply to MJCA

Sorry. Diagnosed at 66 yrs old, just before my birthday, I live in northwest Missouri. I doctor at Mosaic hospital in St.Joe. Missouri once a month since I started this. Have Mets in my ribs, spine and lymph nodes. Last scan was in Dec. hot spots are not getting any bigger, just no smaller 😡

MJCA in reply to larry_dammit

Thanks. And never a need to apologise; we're all on meds!

Sounds to me like your doc is very straightforward. I like that. I am so sorry to hear about your Mets. I am really glad you don't have much pain.

Just remember we're here for you!

If I did my math right (damned lupron) you've been doing this about 14 years. Way to go Mark. Keep on kicking it!

MJCA in reply to monte1111

Thanks. It was difficult to accept at age 45. My PCa has been mainly under control, but now it has changed and I am staying informed and active again!

Hello Mark,

This is wonderful that these 3 drugs are working for you.

My husband may be heading in this direction as his PSA is slowly creeping up.

He has been on continues Lupron for 7 years without a break and Xgeva for 5 years.

Keep us posted that you are still on right track. Think positive.


Hello, you give me a lot of hope, my partner is 47 and was detected last year in stage IV, gleason 8, with bone metastases. It takes a year of treatment, started with chemo (docetaxel), radiation and now hormonal blockade. greetings to all.

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