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My current regimen - feedback appreciated


Hello all,

I am writing this post for two main reasons (don't worry, its not a long post). But I wanted to go through my current regimen for the following objectives:

a) Feedback from veterans on their supplements and what I might be missing or should look into, and

b) Offer a starting point for those newly diagnosed

As a brief background I am 42 years old. My PSA was 0.33 in March and I had a normal DRE. However, an incidental finding on an MRI should suspiciousness in the prostate region. After some investigation and further tests, a biopsy revealed 10/12 cores were inflamed and 2 showed ASAP cells (atypical small acinar proliferations - a high predictor of PCa).

I've decided to start taking a bunch of supplements in the hopes of stopping PCa from ever developing. Please note I am not endorsing any of the following products in any way. I am also including the brand/product if possible as I have been finding that information helps when I read other people's posts.

Currently taking:

1) IP6 Gold powder - 2 scoops, twice daily

2) Transfer Point beta glucan - 5 caps per day

3) Doctor's Best 1000mg High Absorption Curcumin - I may change to Now's Curcubrain which supposedly has great bio-availability, and also doesn't come with BioPerine or Black Pepper 1 tablet per day

4) Pectasol-C - 6 caps 3 times daily

5) Source Naturals Pomegranate Extract - 2 tabs twice daily

Supplements I am looking into:

1) Nitro 250 Resveratrol from Revgenetics - micronized, supposedly great absoprtion

2) Lycopene

3) European Milk Thistle


5) Zyflammed

6) Hemp Oil/tablets probably from Endoca in Europe

Any others you all recommend / think I should add?

Thanks to a superb community.

EDIT: Wanted to add, I also take 50 billion 15 strain probiotics. Mostly for IBS and gut health, but agood gut health may also help with PCa /shrug


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Probably, none of those will harm you. They will only give you expensive urine, and some may mask the PSA from prostate cancer. The only medicine that has been proven to prevent prostate cancer is finasteride (or dutasteride). It won't mask the PSA from prostate cancer but it will reduce any PSA from BPH. So PSA will become a better indicator for you.

The inflammation (prostatitis) is also elevating your PSA. It tends to relapse and remit. Rarely is it controlled by antibiotics. Discuss it (and your supplements) with your urologist.

Thanks! The Uro said that for my age, he was expecting a PSA under 1.5 - when it came out to be 0.33 he was pleased. Was my first PSA test, so will have a better idea in a few months when I re-do it.

Get your morning testosterone level checked too. Chronic LOW levels of testosterone are associated with prostate cancer development. This probably sounds counter-intuitive to you, but testosterone plays an important role in keeping healthy prostate cells healthy.

Not sure what the point of this was. This site is for men with advanced prostate cancer.

kmack57 in reply to auroracham

Obviously, he's looking for information from men that have more experience in dealing with this terrible disease. Not cold useless comments.

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Resveratrol is good - I like Longevinex brand, NFI, just think it is the best process.

Consider metformin - well established by both lab studies and human studies for anti-cancer and cancer prevention. Snuffy Myers gave it to most of his PCa patients. You need a prescription but it is very safe and inexpensive.

Lycopene is good, some evidence of synergy against PCa when combined with selenium and Vitamin E. Be careful with selenium - too much can be toxic. Study the signs and be on the lookout. If you eat enough tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce, etc. you'll probably get sufficient lycopene from diet. Don't bother taking more than 10-15 mg at a time - there's evidence that the body only absorbs that much at once.

There are many, many supplements, and quite a few have laboratory, cell line, mouse model, or clinical evidence of helping against prostate cancer. Don't overdo it - too much of anything can be bad. As Paracelsus said, the dose makes the poison. Some people cycle through different regimes, spending a few months with one group, then giving that a rest and trying something else.

Good luck to you!

Thanks. Actually, I am diabetic also, so been on metformin for years. I am worried about toxicity, hence why I am trying to do heaps of research, e.g. Vit D3 supposed to be toxic at high doses or prolonged use.


NFI means No Financial Interest.

Vitamin D toxicity is pretty hard to achieve and vastly overhyped. The RDA for Vit D is at least a factor of 6 too low due to a basic statistical error in a paper written long ago. 95% of people could use a LOT more vitamin D. This is especially true if you live in northern latitudes.

Read Dr. Mercola's comments on vitamin D. You need to be between 40 and 60 ng/mL year-round.

Summary of Mercola articles on Vit. D

Discussion of toxicity and math error:

I take 10,000 IU per day but that's after years of checking my blood levels and working with doctors who know what they are talking about when it comes to supplements - which disqualifies 95% of MDs. Pretty much everyone would benefit from taking 4000 or 5000 IU per day, then adjusting as necessary after 3 months to get to the target blood levels.

Rather than trying to deal with the diet issue with supplements, you might want to consider a larger diet revamp. Lots of evidence (numerous research trials) showing that low-fat, plant based diets reduce prostate cancer risks. Also, an active exercise regimen has positive effects (again from multiple peer reviewed research trials).

Get you doctor to prescribe you a statin. Research has indicated that it can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

I think this was discussed a few days ago.. but ground flaxseed is a good idea to add. I think the earlier posts recommended flaxseed hulls as they are even better for Prostate Cancer folks.. you can find them on Amazon.

I recommend getting pomegranate berries in the frozen section of grocery store. I make my husband a smoothie with them and ground flaxseed(soon to be hulls) and other fruits. I also add a good probiotic powder and aloe juice. They say a large part of your immune system is in your gut. I also add a lot of other frozen berries.. and an organic banana to make it sweet.

We are stopping Zyflammend when we run out of it. I think there were some earlier posts about how it is not as good as it used to be. You might want to read those posts.

Our integrative doctors(both of them) recommend eating a plant based diet. Cutting out all alcohol. I guess there is a link between alcohol and cancer.

Try to drink a cup of green tea a day and eat at least 1 serving of cruciferous vegetables a day... if you can do it a cup of broccoli sprouts would be fantastic.

Interesting Supplements:

Another interesting supplement to check out is BIRM(Search this forum for more information)..

Shilajit is supposed to be helpful.. I would worry about sources of it .. Oriveda sells one now.. and they usually have good supplements, PurBlack is supposed to reputable source of shilajit.

If you venture into mushroom supplements ..Oriveda is wonderful. It makes sense that they are selling Shilajit as it is supposed to make mushroom supplements work better.

I hope this helps a little! I think eating healthy, exercise, meditation/relaxation are some of the most important things you can do on your own.


Dan59 in reply to softwaremom00

I am sure we all wish our wives took such good care of us as you do for your husband software Mom, You are awesome!!

softwaremom00 in reply to Dan59

Thank you. You are so kind.

see the recent discussion re Zyflamend's change after P&G tookover--number of us members dropped it, including me

Yeah I remember reading the post about that - I think it was Nalakrats who talked to the company directly and chewed them out. But it was about a month ago, and wondering if a substitute Zyflammed product has been found?

Haven’t heard of any substitute

Your dose of IP6 Gold is too light to be effective with cancer cells. IP6 is "dose-dependent and time-dependent" according to Dr. Shamsuddin, the leading authority in the U.S. on IP6 cancer research. You indicate you are taking 5 capsules of Beta Glucan. Do you weigh in the 200-250 range? Are these 500 mg. capsules? I follow Dr. Vetvicka and take 3 500mg capsules. There are people who believe in 500mg per 50 lbs. of body weight. Is the lycopene a pill. I would drop that because of the research findings and add lycopene from natural sources: v8 juice, tomato juice, tomato soup, pasta sauce, etc. Always combine with Swanson's Super Cayenne capsules (2) as the combination has been tested and found to be synergistic with anti-prostate cancer results. You don't need a script to get started on a statin-equivalent natural substance: 2400 mg. daily in 2 divided doses (600 mg. capsules from Solaray. Red Yeast Rice is the brand from Solaray. It is equivalent to Lovastatin.

Add Mega Decaf Green Tea Extract from Life Extension.

See this link for a recent post on IP6 and appropriate dosing.

Message me with any additional questions. BTW, I take 16 scoops of Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forte IP6 powder in divided doses daily. IP6 Gold is too expensive. I get my supply from

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