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I Just Threw My Zyflamend in The Garbage


I just talked to a guy who has stage 4 mCRPCa....his doubling time was 7 months...he went on Zyflamend 3 caps per day and within 3 months his doubling time decreased to 4 weeks...I went up on Amazon and read the 1 and 2 star reviews and they say Zyflamend is no longer working since P&G bought New Chapter...I know 1 guy does not make a study but Dr. Myers said PCa is only fatal with a doubling time under 11 months...it is not the PSA but the doubling time that determines if you live or die.


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Is this product now BAD for prostate cancer ? I would like to know as I buy it for my husband and it is part of our routine. Thanks for any help.

IMO it has been changed somehow and no longer works, probably no longer reduces inflamation like it once did...go to amazon and read the 1 star reviews...lots of complaints from long time users...then this guy told me it reduced his PSA doubling time to 4 weeks...that was enough for me and I threw it in the garbage...never felt any benefit anyway


The doubling time is not the cause of death. One way to die from prostate cancer is to get a super-scan - in which all your bones are compromised by metastasis. This reduces your ability to create new blood cells, and if you cannot create new blood cells, you die from lack of blood cells. It can be neutropenia or thrombocytopenia.

gusgold in reply to Hidden

what is a super scan

WSOPeddie in reply to Hidden

Doubling time means the cancer is out of control and proliferating. There are numerous possibilities for the damage this does which ultimately leads to death. Not a doctor but I don't believe it is just one thing, like you describe.

I'm in two minds about supplements, either add 10 more to the mix, or throw the whole lot out. It's such a crap shoot :(. I've progressed fairly rapidly in spite of all the evidence they cause cancer cell death, slow metastasis or whatever.

gusgold in reply to paulofaus

Dr. Myers said you have to be real careful with supplements...he said he had patients who were doing real good, then on their next appointment the PSA was doubling every 4 weeks and it turned out they added a new supplement they were not taking before

paulofaus in reply to gusgold

Thanks Gus, I found it near on impossible to get good advice in that area. My Medical Oncologist believes they are all a waste of time. I get a lot of info from this site. The only other supplements I take, which I haven't leant about through this site (and my own research to verify) are Glucosamine (without Chondroitin as there's evidence it is no good for PCa) and MSM, which I have read is good for osteoarthritis pain (I certainly have that) and also some evidence it kills cancer (in presence of vitamin C). Early on I bought some Colostrum, but I threw it away after watching a Dr Meyers video about how if causes PSA to explode.

WSOPeddie in reply to paulofaus

I didn't know that Chondroitin is bad for PC. I am going to have to check on that as I've been taking the Glucosamin-Chondroitin for a long time.

Hazard in reply to paulofaus

I used to take all sorts of supplements and none of them made a bit of difference to PSADT - it stuck to a 4 week timetable. To be fair, zolodex and casodex made no difference either.

The only supplement that has worked for me is Docetaxal. Its derived from yew trees so I guess it can be classified as a natural pharmaceutical. I am waiting fr Green Med Info to review it 😆. So I take prednisone every day, docetaxal every 3 weeks. Everything else is in the bin.

paulofaus in reply to Hazard

Sorry nothing has worked for you. I'm also burning through available treatments pretty fast. Docetaxel didn't help me, but hopefully will help you.

gusgold in reply to Hazard

I wonder if supplements from the yew tree would make a difference

Thanks for the info, Gus. You are right. One case doesn’t constitute a study, but it’s a reminder to all of us who take non-Rx supplements as an adjunct to our prescribed therapies, that their efficacy is questionable, and they may even do more harm than good, at least to your wallet if not to your health.

I have been taking Zyflamend, curcumin, resveratrol for 3 years, and Metformin for 2 years along with ADT. The only one that seems to be proven by studies to be effective in enhancing the efficacy of the ADT is Metformin.

I’m guessing that I’m not alone in being one of those guys who take other supplements, hoping they are helping, without any studies documenting that they are effective or if we’re just paying for snake oil. And, assuming some of them might actually work, if we take multiple supplements, we’re not sure which ones are helping and which are crap. It’s a conundrum wrapped in an enigma.


jdm3 in reply to Litlerny

There is no conclusive evidenced-based study on Metformin. I asked my MO about this and he said the data are ambiguous and in some cases it appears Metformin may be detrimental. It seems the answer is "it depends.". I am tempted to add Metformin because of what I have read here and other places, but the whole supplement thing is very uncertain.

SUPERHEAT12 in reply to jdm3

Dr. Myers put me on Metformin last year. He said there was a very good Swiss study that showed positive benefits in 25% of pca patients. That was good enough for me. He also had me on D3, pomegranate pills and resversatol. His plan with ADT and supplements kept me in good shape with a Gleason 5+4 (9) for many years. Now, with bone mets, I am also on Xgeva and a calcium supplement with D3. The mets started when I quit taking avodart after I lost my insurance and it was too expensive until the generic was available.


jdm3 in reply to SUPERHEAT12

Thanks. I already have at least one bone met. It was zapped (SBRT) this winter and they started Casodex and Lupron. As I noted before, the MO said the data on Metformin are ambiguous. Nevertheless, I am tempted to add it. 25% is good enough for me too. I have also been thinking about adding Avodart so interesting to hear your experience.

Sisira in reply to SUPERHEAT12


Avodart, what was your dose? Did you take 01 capsule daily? I am taking 01 capsule daily but I feel the dose could be reduced because its effective half-life is 5 weeks. Do you have any idea as to the proper dosing?


SUPERHEAT12 in reply to Sisira

I take one 20 mg capsule per day as well as metformin. Also pomegrante and resversatol. Calcium with vitamin d3 for Xgeva. However it seems to me that cancer is very individual. I never had a high psa. Got mets when I stopped taking avodart. Psa was doubling but never even reached 1.0. I was so fortunate to go to Dr Myers early on. Think he understood that what was good for one patient would not necessarily work for somene else

Sisira in reply to SUPERHEAT12


The Avodart ( Dutasteride ) known to me which is in capsule form is of the strength 0.5mg. Do you have a capsule with the strength 20mg. ? This is quite a big daily dose! Thank you very much for your kind reply.


My mistake. My avodart is .5

Spaceman210 in reply to jdm3

M.O. John Araujo at MD Anderson urged me to get on Metformin earlier this year.

EdBar in reply to Litlerny

I've also been taking Curcumin, Reserveratrol, and Metfomin, per Myers for 3 years now. Also vitamin D and Famotadine. So far so good, Dr. Sartor, Myers replacement agrees with using these - or at least did not tell me to stop.


podsart in reply to EdBar


Can you tell us who recommended that you take Famotadine and what is it supposed to do for you?

snoraste in reply to EdBar

I watched an ask-dr.myers video where he explicitly said not to take curcumin with Metformin.

EdBar in reply to snoraste

Ya there was a discussion recently about that, during my last consult with him in September 2017 he said I could continue taking it if I wish. Sartor also has no problem with it, I will ask him again in a couple weeks when I see him.

Totally depends on the person. I probably take twenty different supplements ranging from Astragalus to Zyflamend with nothing but benefits as far as I can tell. I'm afraid to stop fearing I'll be worse off without them.

Thanks for the info folks. We have only been taking Zyflamend since October. I will be careful about adding new supplements. I think food is the best way to get nutrients but sometimes it can be hard to do.. Lots of prayers and hugs for your recoveries!

If only Dr. Myers still made the videos...they were the best source of info for guys fighting PCa

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