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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Advice on Supplements needed

Do not know where to order the Modified Citrus Pectin from also curcumin and any other supplements for my husband. Please advise. I wish I could just find a list and amount without having to dig. This is so overwhelming. From what I’m reading I also believe my husband has the ductal form since he has the adenocarcinoma and also the cribrifrom was found.. tonight my husbands surgeon informed him he was doing genetic testing since his PSA before surgery was 3.2 and to see if radiation would work.. ok to me this does not sound good at all. And as I stated earlier only 20 % of prostate was effected but 3 out of 6 nodes left pelvic region were positive. As of now we go back on Feb 21 to Cleveland to find out the PSA and see his surgeon. But we are heading for a sec opinion to Memorial Sloan Kettering on the 19th to see Dr Davila, my husband is 4weeks out of surgery.

Very concerned since we are not on any treatments yet.

Please advise on names of supplements where to buy and dosage... so far I have Curcumin, modified Citrus Pectin, Aspirin, Vitamin D, metformin, green tea, apricot kernels?.. please please advise.



To find out

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Is there a Cancer Treatment Center of America nearby? You can get the pectin you are looking for there. All of these centers have a pharmacy on site and you can probably get everything you need there. Good luck. I know it's terrifying. I've recently been diagnosed myself. However, if it's any comfort, your husbands diagnosis does not sound too bad. A pre-surgical PSA of 3.2 is not bad and 20% involvement is encouraging too. If the cancer is contained within the prostate, your husband will essentially be cured after the surgery. God bless.


I only wish it was contained:(. It is in the lymph nodes and Cribriform architecture was noted which also is not good.. we went in thinking s s was told not to worry with his PSA 3.2 and Gleason prior to surgery was a 6 it would be contained. The surgeon himself was 99 %.

We then got the dreaded call from him. And told my husband he was shocked as we were.

And gave him the diagnosis of Advanced Prostrate Cancer. More worrying is the call tonight stating he ordered genetic test on him.

I’m so sorry your going through this. I just wish for a cure soon for everyone on here..


There are potential cures in the pipelines. Fight it hard and fast and don't lose hope. You're found a great site here with great people who will offer you support, encouragement, and advice.


Hey, here is a link from Amazon: amazon.com/New-Chapter-Turm...






GL7(4+3), PSA at 840, 15 Chemos, 30months of ADT(hormone therapy), fasting 18 hrs/day. Completed 21 marathons post-PCa DX



Hi, my name is Lynn. My husband also has lymph node involvement. We are waiting for biopsy results to come back to see what treatment is next?? The waiting is terrible. It is scary. I know what you are going through. There are times I have such panic attacks. I also have been giving my husband all the supplements you are for nine years now, I added saffron. Most supplements I get from a health food store.Hang in there, there is so much they can do today, new treatments are coming our way everyday.Nine years ago, Sam's PSA was 483 at age65,treatment aggressive at that time. His cancer came back just this past year with a vengeance, long story... Sam is now 74 young.

Keep fighting this beast and please keep us posted.

Best wishes and hugs!

Sincerely, Lynn Pa.


Thank you.. praying for your husband and all the men on this site.. I havnt started supplements yet just trying to learn which to start now!!


Dear stephany,

Although we are using some supplements i am not long enough here to give you any experience.

My husband has been dx in august 2017. The psa was 12.. just like you we have got the bad news that the lymph node involvement pahology of davinci Rp. I went through all the things you are going through now.

I do alot of readings since than. I dont know their names i am sorry but there are people here with ductal cancer lives for years.

Be optimistic. Believe you will beat this beast.

My prayers for you.



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