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Chemo round 9 - mood swings

Just finished chemo round 9 today. If not for the night sweats and mood swings, i feel as good as i did a year before diagnosis. PSA still undetectable.

But those mood swings are getting me. Im finding it hard to let small irritations slide and im really getting angry about things like my wife leaving the lights on accident or the kids talking with food in thier mouth. Silly stuff, but i get mad and i cant just let it go.

So my question is around talk therapy and depression meds. My wife suggested i start "talking" to a therapist. Anyone do this and fi d it useful? Also, i know alot of men here are on depression meds. Is anger a sign of depression?

I definately am willing to go see how i can let some of these minor things slide.

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I take Effexor, and it helps a lot -there are better drugs, though.

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I'm not joking...try Cannabis oil...


I had the same issue. I think it was my steroid cocktail of Prednisone and dexamethasone. My wife said that I had roidcasum. Seroid induced sarcasm and a heavy dose at that. Returned to normal after it got out of my system. Good Luck !

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