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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Provenge - Supplements to activate modified cells or augment Provenge treatment

I just completed the three infusions of the Provenge treatment. As is seemingly common, my PSA rose modestly over the 6-week period. I understand this and that the ultimate benefits of Provenge (extended survival) may or may not occur at a later date.

Before and during this treatment, I stopped taking all of the many supplements (that I have been taking for over two years) to avoid any conflicts. Now, however, I plan to take a variety of supplements again as I had previously. I have done considerable research looking for supplements that might "activate" my new Provenge-modified cells, but, alas, I have found nothing (other than "spot radiation") that might help. I also want to avoid any supplements that might prevent Provenge from improving my cancer fight!

I would appreciate recommendations concerning any supplements or supplement treatment strategies that might put the modified Provenge cells now circulating through my body to work killing cancer cells. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have advanced prostate cancer, diagnosed 6/2015, metastasized, Gleason's 9-10, PSA now 25. Many thanks for everyone's help.


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Tom, our biochemists here may have specific light to share; my own advice would be to return to the supplements that keep your body's system otherwise healthy & strong. Sipuleucel-T is now in your body's arsenal, but it is not your body's only weapon. Let it do its job, and hopefully the antigen cascade will grow through the coming months and years (I did my series in 2012). You will be moving on to other treatments, though, so keep your body strong and your "terrain" healthy. If you were using supplements to that end I would return to them. And don't forget exercise; I believe a regular cardiovascular workout is one of the best things we can do.

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Very good advice I am sure, and I agree with your suggestions. Just hoping to find something that might "pop" the Provenge into a more active role. Thanks for your comments.


I did the "spot radiation." If one reads the reason for doing this procedure, it makes sense: at least my oncologist though so. As to how much the entire process--Provenge+spot radiation--worked for me, it's hard to say. My condition has certainly not gotten worse (I have been off meds, with the exception of Avodart and Xega) for two years. Lab tests really don't reveal anything. A recent ct/pet scan was unchanged from the last one. I'm of the opinion that if you select a fairly "innocuous" spot for the radiation, a place where there is little chance of collateral damage to an internal organ, it might be worth the effort. As to my supplements, contrary to established thinking, I continued to take them through the treatments. Whether this was a smart move on my part, I really couldn't say.


I am in total agreement with the "spot" radiation theory and the desirability of this treatment. I visited a superstar radiation expert. He could not find an Innocuous spot at the moment. I am hopeful that this approach will still work at some time in the future when I do need to radiate a spot. Thanks for your advice and good luck in your cancer treatments!


I have a question about spot radiation. I had my Provenge treatments in June-July, & have moved on to Xtandi. I was not advised to stop any supplements, so I didn't. I was also not advised of the spot radiation theory, so I haven't looked into it. My rad onc says my bone mets are a bit beyond oligometastatic. Could one of you explain this theory &/or tell me what I can read, or tell me that what I've described eliminates me from eligibility? Thank you very much.


One article about spot radiation following Provenge treatment appears in the link below. I haven't read much beyond this from others, but the source below is probably a good one. I suspect that you are still eligible for this treatment to perhaps boost your Provenge reaction if you have a single suitable met somewhere that can be radiated without serious consequences. Show the article to your rad onc who may agree.



Thanks, Tom! I'm excited to learn about this. It's great having our forum!




This is great information for me. Provenge is in my near future. Thank you sir.


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