Capsaicin Results as of 2017?

I'm new at HealthUnlocked as of May 2017 at age 82. I was initially diagnosed with Stage IV Prostate Cancer MB1, PSA 24, Gleason Scores 9-10, and a very aggressive form of cancer in June 2015. Survival to date (nearly 2 years) with Orchiectomy and supplements only.

I will put together my "story" with numbers, supplements, etc. soon. Initial PSA 24, highest level 105, currently 10. Bone mets everywhere. No significant pain. Taking only one Aleve every so often. This is hardly an appropriate description and I will provide much more detail. Just wanted to get started with a question about Capsaicin.

A lot has been written about Capsaicin's cancer treatment effectiveness for many years. See 2006 article re Cedars and UCLA at:

I am always looking for new supplements to add to my regimen and thought that habaneros might be terrific in combination with gator blood. (Or do they conflict with each other?) Can anyone provide information and results from use of Capsaicin. Dosages?

Thanks, Tom

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  • Tom,

    I'm taking Cayenne Extra Hot, & eating lots of spicy food. But I'm nowhere near any gators, & I'm gonna keep it that way. Unless I take grandsons to the zoo. And I'll keep them, & me, outside the enclosures! We can't all be fearless like Nalakrats.


  • One capsule per day, with food.

  • I have no supplements, although I take calcium and vitamin D. I have bone, liver and lung mets. I am on chemotherapy (Docetaxel and Carboplatin) along with prednisone. This has stablized my cancer. I will be on it until it no longer works. It is hard on stamina, hair, and nails, but then again I am still here.

  • MSKCC has a great section on supplements

    I am 10.5 years out as gs 10 with widespread metastatic disease, You have done well with just orchiotomy, there are plenty of treatments left for you, I am off to chemo 6th cycle this morn.

  • I agree, MSKCC is a useful reference. BUT, they usually seem to dodge the effectiveness issue with "lack of clinical results" and "ask your doctor". I have three doctors, oncologist, urologist, and primary care, and not a one of them will venture an opinion on supplements!

  • Tom,

    I posted on the subject a year back. See:

    "Foods/Supplements-Vitamins: Capsaicin - Cayenne"

    I use:

    It is an inexpensive potent dose & it has never caused me discomfort.


  • When I was diagnosed I turned vegetarian (I do eat fish and some diary and eggs). I have gone through many supplements. Some of the things I have tried are Essiac tea, selenium and Vitiman E, pomegranate juice.

    Here is a website that list alternative treatments for cancer. You can make your own mind which to chose.

  • In that link I have complete faith in what Dr Lam and Dr sholtz have written. I do not trust Dr Burzinski, I think he is a quack and bilks cancer patient. But I am just wondering if anyone knows of any good results from antoneplastins which by the way are derived from Horse Urine.

  • Very interesting list. Many thanks.

  • I have BIRM on the shelf for near term use. Capsaicin treatment appears to be enhanced in combination with caffeine, garlic, ginger, and more. I am concerned about Capsaicin interactions with BIRM? or other supplements? Any thoughts?

    Thought I might start Capsaicin sandwich cure next week (see

  • Tom, Do read Patricks' dissertation, on Capsicum, where it has been determined there is benefit when enhanced with Lycopene. I get my cayenne pepper extract, from Vitacost. The product has 600 mgs per capsule. I do not recommend that you do what I do, but I do take 2 caps twice a day with food, along with Lycopene. As to BIRM [gator blood] on the shelf. Mine is in the fridge after opening. I follow the instructions, and just started my 3rd Bottle. As far as I can tell I have had no negative actions on my body. Does not mean that this would be true for everyone. I do have experienced extra energy, and I find myself staying up later at night.


  • Thanks for the quick response. I am in a very busy mode this week and next with a lot of travel, doctors, and graduating grandchildren. Will try to put together a better response soon.


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