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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Prostate cancer in bladder

My last ct scan showed a growth in bladder so I had my urologist take a look. Came back prostate cancer in bladder had tumor removed a couple of weeks ago. Now on catheters— new scar tissue coupled with old from radiation has pretty much bottled me up. Oncologist says no additional treatment at this time. On lupron zytiga and xgeva . PSA before surgery was 2.5 and trending down. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Hi George79

I guess you must be 80 years old now. I am approaching 63 and is recently diagnosed with aggressive Advance PCa. My staging is PCa Stage 4 T4 N 2-3 M 2-3. I am commencing my journey in a different approach. Read my post.


One method to get off the catheter is to look into having an artificial sphincter implanted. Following prostate surgery 5 years after having radiation treatment, I was faced with incontinence. The sphincter has allowed me to return closer to a normal life. It has been in for two years. I had it done at UCSF.


Thanks, this is something I will consider. My problem is scar tissue Don’t know if a sphincter implant would solve the problem. I could have a resection of the urethra but that leads to incontinence. Maybe both procedures if that is possible.


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