Prostate cancer recurrence

Prostate cancer recurrence

Hi folks,thought I put some information about my prostate cancer?had operation early may 2015?then my biopsy results confirmed Gleason 4+3 =7 adenocarcinoma Stage pT3a (extracapsular spread for 2mm at left posterior base)..Posterior positive intraprostatic limit 1mm in the region of the left posterior apex with perineural invasion?..currently psa 0.13 first Prostap injection last month 9 March? tomorrow 5th April at London Barts Hospital for my Radiothereapy planing folks?still unsure which root is best?under my circumstances?opnions welcomed as there are many very experienced folks on this forum??

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  • You don't mention what your post op injection was ... I had a radical prostatectomy and followed with radiation of the bed of the prostate and, on my specific request, had Zoladex before during and after the op ... the Radio Oncologist demurred giving the Zoladex and i pushed for it and he agreed - studies have since been done and giving the Zoladex implants is considered 'best practice' ... with no credit to me!

    Have since been on Lucrin (Lupron - different spelling in different countries) three monthly injections. Intermittent at first - to help offset resistance but now having endon injections.

    Lucrin has lots of side effects but having the injections are better than the alternative.

    Cheers, Aussiedad

    p.s. You'll find elsewhere here detailed info about my situation and treatment ... I was Gleason 4 + 3 and the capsule had been breached front right. Had Gallium 68a scan - one of the latest nuclear scans and can detect cancer in the cell walls down to 2 microns and has a half life of 59 mins which is a short time.

  • Hi Aussiedad my post psa was 0.13 still same reading after first month lupron injection?is zoladax better hormone and more affective Aussiedad then standard Prostap injection Lupron??

  • The Zoladex I specifically asked for was only before during and after the radiation of the prostate bed ... Lucrin (Lupron) is the favoured follow-up to radiation if your PSA increases. The measure for the increase of PSA is the rate at which it doubles ... obviously the faster it doubles the more aggressive the cancer is which is reflected in the proliferation of cancer cells which pushes up the PSA. I had the Zoladex for a period of 12 months in relation to the radiation of the bed of the prostate. You need someone who knows what they are doing in giving you the Zoladex injection which implants the drug ... it can hurt like blazes if people don;t know how to give the implant injection. the correct method of injection also apparently ensures that the Zoladex works to it's potential

    Cheers, Aussiedad

  • I understand Aussiedad?few folks on this forum said my PSA is low reading?i suggested to my Onc that I like to start hormone injections?and she agreed to it?she said 6 months injections before and after Radiothereapy?how affective was yr external radiotherapy Aussiedad?its not a cure my Onc said but in our circumstances I guess only few roots to pursue in regards to Cancer??

  • Your PSA reading is low ... you don't say what hormone injection you are having/going to have ... there was no good check for how effective the radiation of the prostate bed was done when I had it but it was felt that it should knock out some/any of the cancer cells which remained after the radiation. Now there is the Gallium 68a MRNI radioactive scan which can detect down to 2 microns - previously the range detachable was 5-10 microns. I had the Gallium and a few minor spots were detected half way from the prostate to the kidneys but they were too small to worry about - if targeted radiation had been tried it would have caused more damage than leaving them untouched. My original Gleason was 4+3 and it was found that the front left capsule had been breached but there was and is no evidence of metastatic developments. I was on the intermittent Lucrin as I wrote but now on the continuous because PSA was going up. Do all the positives - Mediterranean diet, exercise, social interaction, new interests, certainly get on to the Astragalus 8 to boost you immune system, get into the juices that I recommended and STAY POSITIVE and you'll be doing the most that you can. Keep an eye out for new developments and treatments - I saw a report that there's a better radioactive scan than the gallium but there was only the one report. As I wrote previously, I mentor PhD tyoes in BioMedicine and am an inveterate researcher ... go look at Google Scholar which gives you access to peer reviewed papers etc. Best of Luck.

    Cheers, Aussiedad

    Many of the reports here are uninformed so choose your advice carefully.

  • Hi Nuray,

    My PCa similar to yours but RP in spring 2014 showed pT3b (SVI and positive margin). Post RP PSA was 0.02. I opted for RT + 18 months firmagon shots concurrent with 18 months of Zytiga. PSA currently < 0.01 about a year after stopping all meds. Became vegan + ramped up exercise + lots of OTC meds including vitamin D, lycopene, curcumin, aspirin & green tea. Not too many SEs (other than ED) from treatments. Good luck in your fight.


  • thank you DonUSNA73,firstly glad to hear your doing well mate👍It's nice getting feed back helps others like me who are going through the motions of RF I'm also on veggie diet mate?its least gives me option after RF to decide Which direction to go?hope you psa stays Low for many years to come Reqards Nuray 🙏👍

  • Nuray,

    My RRP was not curative, so I had radiation therapy starting about four months after surgery. That was about nine years ago. I've had other treatment, too. I'm still here and kicking!


  • p.s. The Lucrin is administered initially with gaps between injections - it used to be prescribed as end on injections - ... the gaps helps to extend the period of use before your body starts to build resistance to it and then you have to go on to other agents and probably chemo. The injections are given closer together when your PSA starts to increase more rapidly.

    Cheers, Aussiedad

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