Effects of zytiga

I am having stage 4 prostate cancer with metasis since October 2015. I was on Lupron and cassodex 50mg and have also under gone 5 cycles of docetaxel which brought my psa from 12 to 0.1

The psa has now again risen to 11.6.

This treatment has become ineffective now and a week back I have been put on zytiga with 5 mg prednisone twice daily.

Could anyone tell me what are the common side effects of zytiga and precautions to take to avoid any liver damage ?

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  • Sadhak, with the Zytiga and prednisone, your doctor will probably do a blood test every three months to keep a watch on your liver. I've been on that regimen for two years without liver problems. You probably have very low libido anyway from the ADT, but on Zytiga it will basically go to zero. Watch for weight gain, changes in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Depression can also be a problem, see be aware of how you feel, and don't hesitate to ask your doctor about it if you feel like you need help. If ADT did not already cause breast growth, you may notice that now. The upside? If it works for you, Zytiga can give you some good days, months, years. Good luck! Yost.

  • Thank u very much

  • Yes thanks for the info -

  • I'm a Kaiser patient. The MedOnc's have us take blood tests every 4 weeks to monitor for liver damage. Do a search for Zytiga side effects, & for prednisone side effects, & you'll get the whole list. I've been on those 2 meds for 2 years, 5 months. No side effects from Zytiga. Easy bruising from prednisone. They cut the prednisone to 5 mg once a day. The bruises aren't as bad. I didn't know why I was getting bruises to start with, until a nurse noticed them & said "Oh, you're on prednisone."

  • So pred is an anti-coagulant, eh?

  • I have been on Zytiga for 2 1/2 months. I am hormone resistant with stage 4 with bone mets and hormone therapy was largely ineffective after 2 years.

    I also had chemo as a newer approach early in my diagnosis.

    My PSA was up to 40 before Zytiga with some occasional leg/pelvis pain. My PSA after the 2nd month was cut in half, stopping an increasing trend. I have no pain and the only side affects to date are from prednisone- sleep difficulties and increased appetite but nothing evident from Zytiga. Other than its expense, I'm hoping my next PSA test will be favorable in a few weeks.

  • My husband has been on zytiga & prednisone for 2 months - working great - PSA was .01 - the prednisone protects your liver - mike takes his pills 2 hours after dinner & doesn't eat anything else until breakfast- his prostate cancer had metastasized in his lymph nodes - diagnosed 12-2012 - took radiation & Lipton at the beginning-

  • Mike's only side effect is being tired sometimes - we are retired so if he is tired he can rest without work worries - that's a good thing

  • Thanks

  • chicken?

  • Thanks a lot.

    I am much wiser now,

    Yostconner has summed the issue very nicely.

    I now start my journey on zytiga & prednisone.

    Hoping that this is effective for a long time but knowing that things happen in accordance with your kamma

  • You didn't mention if you are still taking Lupron and Casodex with the Zytiga. Are you?


  • I am still taking Lupron but cassodex has been discontinued.

  • Good, just wanted to be sure.


  • Thanks

  • My husband Mike is on zytiga- 2 months

    Only side effect is he is tired sometimes

    It's working right now

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